Saturday, 30 June 2012

REVIEW - Leighton Denny - Supermodel

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend, right this moment I'm watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, whilst grating some cheese for the home made pizza's and also writing this review! That's multi-tasking for you!!!

This is a short review on the famous Leighton Denny polish in Supermodel. 

This is one of his bestselling colours and I can understand why. 

Nudes are very popular right now,  not so long ago if you wanted a neutral "office friendly" manicure then your choices were very limited. Most people went with a french manicure or a light sheer pink. Now we have a huge selection of nude polishes ranging from peachy tones to beige tones! 

This is one of my favourite polishes, its very pigmented and you could really work it with just one coat but I like to darken the colour slightly with two coats. 

Its very smooth and goes on like butter. I have a few of these nude shades but use none of them as much as I use this shade, usually when wearing a neutral colour I go a day and then want to change it to something brighter. I don't feel the same with this shade. I wan't to wear it constantly :-) 

My Nan visited yesterday and she going away Monday so she asked my to paint her nails for her. She loves bright colours on her toes but you will never see her wearing a bright on her hands so I showed her this colour and she feel in love with it too. It looks great on her and now shes going to get one for herself :-) 

This was free in a magazine I bought but I really wouldn't be afraid to buy it again from somewhere like QVC. I'm looking to try a few more from his range too :-) 

Have you tried Supermodel??

Linzi xxx


  1. I agree, I love all these work-friendly polishes that everyone seems to be bringing out now as I can't stand to not have my nails painted! Also - home made pizzas... Nom!


    1. I can't stand for them to be bare either hun :-) It was delicious! Hehe

  2. i love this shade so much :) x

  3. Gorgeous colour!