Monday, 30 December 2013

Merry Christmas : What I Got For Christmas!

Hullo Ladies!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year :-)

In this post I'm going to talk about my Christmas Day and what I got for Christmas from friends and family. 

Look at my little cutie! 

He was so excited to get some new toys that he actually opened his presents on his own this year. After eights years I've never known him to rip wrapping paper to get to a toy but he really wanted to find out what was making that squeaky noise :-)

He loves his little Christmas Pig. 

Me and my brother Shaun decided to wake our parents up with moustaches this year. He already had his own so he decided to make a uni-brow instead.

I decided to put mine on rudolph :-) Don't he look cool? 

I was given a lot of beauty related gifts this year which I obviously loved! 

One of them happened to be the Soap and Glory Yule MOnty Gift Set!!
I was so excited to get this as I adore Soap and Glory and this box contains 9 full size products :-) 

From my nan I was given this Ted Baker Set, I've been meaning to try out the Ted Baker line for ages and my nan seemed to have realised! 
All products have a marvelous spicy floral scent. 

From my brother I was given some more Soap and Glory Products, I was so happy to receive the Eyes Box as It was on my wishlist this year :-) I can't wait to review it!

I finally have some products from LUSH and I'm so happy with them. I tried the Snow Fairy Shower gel last night and it's amazing!

I got some lovely goodies from The Body Shop as well which is always a good thing as it's one of my favourite brands!
I asked for some more of the tea tree line as I'm loving it at the moment and I received the Foam Cleanser, the Toner and the Scrub :-) 

I also received the Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume set that includes the 50ml EDT and the 250 body lotion.

I also got one of my favourite scented line from The Body Shop!
The Strawberry set that includes four full sized products and a bath lilly :-) 

My hair has grown longer this year again so I asked for a new hair wand with a thicker barrel and my parents got me the Remington Sapphire Pro Curl.

Also from my parents I received a bottle of DIOR J'Adore.  

It's a gorgeous grown up scent that I'm super excited to wear! 

Another amazing beauty pick from my parents was the Urban Decay Smoked palette. 

The colours are so unbelievably beautiful and I can't wait to have some fun trying them all out!

The palette comes with a great how to booklet, a 24/7 eyeliner and a sample of the Primer Potion. 

Another set I was given was this French Connection Set that cam with a body wash, body lotion and body spray. It all came in a lovely cream wash bag too :-)

My brother also gave me the No 7 Manicure Set which I can't wait to use although I do find all those pieces kind of scary. They look like torture devices to me...anyone else feel the same way?

I also got a new bag and a new pair of Boot's from New Look!

Nice to have a change, I never really think to buy myself new boot's or bags!

A River Island purse which I asked for because both my purses broke in the beginning of December, so this was a must really :-) I just love how pretty it is!!

Can't go wrong with socks for Christmas, thank you nan! 

A cute hat from Matalan from my mam and dad :-)
 I wore this shopping yesterday and all the kids in their prams were pointing at it lol

I also got a lovely new dress to wear out! 

It's a gorgeous velvet skater dress from New Look and I love it!

 My friend happened to give me this gorgeous necklace that I think goes with it perfectly :-) 

In my family, we've always had our biggest presents given to us by the dinner table after the Desserts. 

I don't know why or when It started but we've been doing it since before I can remember and this year I was given a Wireless Speaker System. I love it! 

 So that's everything I had for Christmas and I feel so blessed, I spent the whole day with family and we giggled, ate turkey and got drunk and that's really all you want out of the Holiday right? 

I really hope you all have an amazing New Years! 
Linzi xxx

Monday, 16 December 2013

REVIEW - TOO FACED - Natural Eye Palette - Naked Palette Comparison

Hullo Ladies!

Earlier in the year I bought the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette after lusting over it on Eleventh Gorgeous' Channel for ages. 

I finally bought it from Amazon and have used it frequently since.

I've been holding off giving a review for too long so lets get started! 

The Natural Eye Palette from Too Faced is famous in it's own right in the beauty world but is often compared to the Naked Palette.

 I'll be doing the same in this review :-) 

It contains Nine shadows all together, three large ones and 6 smaller ones. 

From Left To Right 

Heaven, Velvet Revolver, Sexspresso, Silk Teddy, Push Up, Erotica, Nude Beach, Honey Pot and Cocoa Puff

Given with the palette and hidden away inside are three looks that you can create with the shadows inside, One for a 'Day' look, One for a 'Classic' look and one for a 'Fashion' look. 

From Left To Right 

Day Look - Heaven - Velvet Revolver - Sexspresso

Heaven - Light Matte Cream Shade - Great as a every day Highlight.

Velvet Revolver - Light Nude Matte - Great as a blending colour.

Sexspresso - Dark Brown Matte - Great for lining the eyes.

Day Eye Shadow Look Given With Palette 

1 ) Sweep Heaven from lashes to brow.

2) Blend Velvet Revolver into crease.

3)Line upper and lower lashes with Sexspresso and blend. 

From Left To Right 

Classic - Silk Teddy - Push Up - Erotica 

Silk Teddy - Nude Pink Toned Shimmer - Great for brightening up the lid. 

Push Up - Shimmery Pink Toned Copper - Great for lining the lower lashline.

Erotica - Brown Shade with Gold Shimmer - Great for defining the outer V. 

Classic Eye Shadow Look Given With Palette

1) Blend Silk Teddy from crease to brow.

2) Press Push Up onto Lid.

3) Blend Erotica into the crease and lower lashes.

Fashion - Nude Beach - Honey Pot - Cocoa Puff

Nude Beach - Glittery Champagne -  Great if you're a lover of glitter Or if you're dressing up as a fairy or an Angel this Christmas.....

Honey Pot - Shimmery Gold - Great for all over the lid or lining the upper and lower lash line.

Cocoa Puff - Chocolate brown with sparkles - Great for a smokey eye.

Fashion Eye Shadow Look Given With Palette

1) Sweep Nude Beach from crease to brow

2) Press Honey Pot onto the inner lid and around tear duct

3) Blend Cocoa Puff into the outer lid, crease, upper and lower lashes. 

Now to compare it t the Naked Palette, you'll see below that a lot of the shades have similar colours in the naked palette but if you're a fan of neutral palette I think It's definitely worth owning both. 

It would be hard to choose between the two as they both have great qualities about them, for one the Too Faced palette is very similar in quality, lasting power and pigmentation and in slightly less expensive. 

Although you could say that you get more shades with Naked Palette that includes a larger colour range. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupes From Left To Right

TF - Velvet Revolver 
UD - Naked

Not much difference in colour but the UB shadow  is more opaque although whilst swatching I noticed the TF shadow is softer. 

TF - Silk Teddy
UD - Sin

These two are just as opaque as each other but the UD shadow is slightly more pink toned than the TF Shadow.

TF - Push Up 
UD - Toasted

The TF shadow seems slightly more pigmented but colour wise both are nearly exactly the same. 

TF - Erotica
UD - Darkhorse

The TF shadow contains larger glitter particles although not so large that it's hard to wear It's also slightly darker than the UD shadow. 

TF - Honey Pot
UD - Half Baked

Again this is another perfect dupe, both the TF and the UD shadow are as pigmented and smooth as each other and are also pretty much the exact same shade. 

My only problem with this palette is the colour Nude Beach, due to it's barely there colour pay off and the huge glitter particles. 

Over all though I totally suggest picking up the Natural Eye Palette or giving it as a gift to a beauty lover this Christmas. 

You can buy it on Boot's and
 Here and Here

Do You Have The Natural Eye Palette? Do You Love it? 

Linzi xxx

Christmas/New Year's Nail Favourite

These last few weeks I've had a favourite duo for my nails and that's GOSH Nero and Nicole by OPI's Nicole's Nickle.

It's a simple Black base with a glitter packed gunmetal on top. 

I'm in love with the way it looks and these picture don't do the sparkles justice. 

I picked up Nicole's Nickle in TK Maxx awhile ago  I can't seem to find this one on the Superdrug Website but I did find 'Luke Of The Draw' which looks really similar. 

Sadly I can't find Nero either but that can easily be duped.

 Most of us have a favourite black nail polish

I really love this nail look and I can see myself wearing it all through the next coming weeks! 

Do you have a favourite nail polish/look you like to do around the Christmas Season?

Linzi xxx

Friday, 6 December 2013

My Christmas Wish List 2013

Hi Ladies!

This Sunday I'm going Christmas Shopping with my brother to Cardiff, I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun :-) Lot's of Starbucks Gingerbread Latte's and Christmas Songs!

In anticipation I thought I'd make a Wish List!


Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Magic Wand

The Comforter

I'd love to get some products from LUSH, I've only ever had one thing from there and loved it, so it would be nice to try out their best sellers. 

Dolce and Gabbana The One

A gorgeous fragrance but quite expensive! I'd love to own it but may wait to see if I can get it in the boxing day sales. 

River Island Purse

A friend of mine recently celebrated her 18th Birthday and one of her presents was this purse. It's stunning and that same night my purse broke! It was fate I tell you!! I can't wait to see what ones they have there. 

Soap and Glory Makeup Sets

Have you seen the Soap and Glory Christmas sets? They look amazing!!! I'm hoping to get the EYES BOX :-) 

How can you not just love the packaging, 

The last and most important thing on my Wish List is for me and my family to have a great time this Christmas. Laugh constantly and make lot's and lot's of memories. 

Linzi xxx

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How I Spend My Christmas TAG

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

 I'm loving all these Christmas post's (It Wont Be Long!!!) and just now I read a cute TAG post on  Shona's Blog and I thought I'd join in. Check out the original TAG here.

What Are You Usually Up To On Christmas Eve?

Right....Well it starts off usually by me waking up my brother to do last minute christmas shopping. Then when we're back we help my dad with whatever needs doing before the big day e.g. cutting veg, cleaning. Then we go see family that we won't be seeing on the actual day and give them their presents and have a laugh and a drink with them. In the night me and my brother give each other our presents early. We've been doing that ever since I can remember, it's tradition. Then the rest of the night is usually spent in the kitchen having a laugh with family, watching my dad cook all the meats or watching our favourite Christmas Movies. 

Who Do You Spend Your Christmas Day's With?

With my family!
 My Mam, Dad, Brother, Nan and her partner Jeff. 

Do You Enjoying Giving Or Receiving Gifts?

Everyone likes to be giving a gift but It's always a lot of fun picking out a gift for someone. I love thinking up unique gifts to give to a certain someone. I always worry that they might already own it/hate it. 

What Does Your Outfit Consist Of On Christmas Day?

Usually it's something new I've been giving that day, or if I haven't been given clothing then it's something cosy like a sparkly jumper and leggings. 

Do You Enjoy Shopping For Your Loved One's Gifts?

I do when I know what I'm getting them and then I get really excited but It's always stressful when you can't figure out what to get someone and time is running out!

Have You Ever Received A Gift That You've Disliked and Pretended You Liked? 

Hmmm I think we've probably all done this at some point, I wouldn't say I've outright disliked a gift but I have felt sad that someone spent money on something that won't be used because it's too small or too big. Usually I end up giving it to someone else who might like it more so it doesn't go to waste. 

What Would Your Ideal Christmas Be?

I always enjoy Christmas, as long as it's spent having a laugh with family and friends then It'll be an "Ideal" one. 

What Is Your Least Favourite Thing About Christmas?

My least favourite thing about Christmas are the people who seem to make it their mission to never crack a smile or be happy. Understandable if their going through a rough time or are away from family but I'm talking about those who just find Christmas as another reason to moan. 

What Is The Best Gift You Have Ever Received?

Probably my Kindle :-) I'm a big book lover and my parents definitely know that. Me and my brother both got a new one last year and if theres anything in my life that well used it's my Kindle. 

If You Could Choose One Person To Spend Christmas With Who Would It Be And Why? (Other Than Family)

It would probably be with my friends! I'd probably wont remember much of it if you know what I mean ;-) but I bet it would be an amazing day!

So That's The How I Spend My Christmas TAG!!

I TAG Everyone!!!

Linzi xx