Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How I Spend My Christmas TAG

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

 I'm loving all these Christmas post's (It Wont Be Long!!!) and just now I read a cute TAG post on  Shona's Blog and I thought I'd join in. Check out the original TAG here.

What Are You Usually Up To On Christmas Eve?

Right....Well it starts off usually by me waking up my brother to do last minute christmas shopping. Then when we're back we help my dad with whatever needs doing before the big day e.g. cutting veg, cleaning. Then we go see family that we won't be seeing on the actual day and give them their presents and have a laugh and a drink with them. In the night me and my brother give each other our presents early. We've been doing that ever since I can remember, it's tradition. Then the rest of the night is usually spent in the kitchen having a laugh with family, watching my dad cook all the meats or watching our favourite Christmas Movies. 

Who Do You Spend Your Christmas Day's With?

With my family!
 My Mam, Dad, Brother, Nan and her partner Jeff. 

Do You Enjoying Giving Or Receiving Gifts?

Everyone likes to be giving a gift but It's always a lot of fun picking out a gift for someone. I love thinking up unique gifts to give to a certain someone. I always worry that they might already own it/hate it. 

What Does Your Outfit Consist Of On Christmas Day?

Usually it's something new I've been giving that day, or if I haven't been given clothing then it's something cosy like a sparkly jumper and leggings. 

Do You Enjoy Shopping For Your Loved One's Gifts?

I do when I know what I'm getting them and then I get really excited but It's always stressful when you can't figure out what to get someone and time is running out!

Have You Ever Received A Gift That You've Disliked and Pretended You Liked? 

Hmmm I think we've probably all done this at some point, I wouldn't say I've outright disliked a gift but I have felt sad that someone spent money on something that won't be used because it's too small or too big. Usually I end up giving it to someone else who might like it more so it doesn't go to waste. 

What Would Your Ideal Christmas Be?

I always enjoy Christmas, as long as it's spent having a laugh with family and friends then It'll be an "Ideal" one. 

What Is Your Least Favourite Thing About Christmas?

My least favourite thing about Christmas are the people who seem to make it their mission to never crack a smile or be happy. Understandable if their going through a rough time or are away from family but I'm talking about those who just find Christmas as another reason to moan. 

What Is The Best Gift You Have Ever Received?

Probably my Kindle :-) I'm a big book lover and my parents definitely know that. Me and my brother both got a new one last year and if theres anything in my life that well used it's my Kindle. 

If You Could Choose One Person To Spend Christmas With Who Would It Be And Why? (Other Than Family)

It would probably be with my friends! I'd probably wont remember much of it if you know what I mean ;-) but I bet it would be an amazing day!

So That's The How I Spend My Christmas TAG!!

I TAG Everyone!!!

Linzi xx

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