Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Maybelline Haul and Recent Blog Award :-)

Hullo Gorgeous People :-) 

So I've been real busy the last few days but today I had a chance to go down to Superdrug, I really needed a new mascara, I have a small problem with throwing the old ones out...It's bad...I know!! 

Don't worry I've done it now :-) 

I like to have about three different ones on hand so I will be picking up a few more in the next few weeks :-) 

 I picked  the Colossal Volume Expess Mascara which I have tried once before and really liked but I'm terrible with sticking with just one mascara as there are so many out there to try :-) 

I was slightly distraught over of the price, it was over the £8 mark which I really didn't like but they had a "3 for 2" offer on so I decided to go for it and picked up two Superstay Tint Gloss in Forever Fuschia and Endless Ruby. 

I'm hoping that they are going to be better than the 17 lip stain that I bought and threw away today. It dried out so quickly, I think I only used in twice. 

I've also been nominated for the Liebster Award by two lovely ladies recently:


They are both great people with amazing blogs so check them out!!

I've been lucky enough to have won the Liebster award before so I'll link you here :-)

Do you have a favourite Mascara you would like to recommend?? 

Thanks again ladies!!

Linzi xxx

Monday, 30 July 2012

Eau My Giddy God : Valentino - Rock 'N Rose

Hullo Lovely Ladies!!

It's been a good few weeks since I wrote a 'Eau My Giddy God' review so this is Valentino's Rock 'N Rose. A perfume I picked up in Spain last Summer. 

It reminds my of long summer days by the pool, drinking those gorgeous pina colada's and nights out with the girls. 

To me it's just a very elegant, grown up scent.

I wore this all last summer..to friends 18th birthday parties, lazy Sundays down the local pub and even posh dinners out. 

I've had some great comments from guys and girls, which Is always a good thing. A guy friend once told me that it reminded him of ..and I repeat..."sexy lingerie" O.o Hmmmm....

It's a beautiful bottle but was so hard to photograph so sorry for the shabby pictures! 

This is a EDP so the staying power is wonderful, I may re-apply every so often but that's more for me than anybody else as you can get used to the scent, making you feel like it's worn off but if you ask someone they will tell you that it's still all there :-) 

The scent to me is a sweet, floral scent with some musk. 

I'm not usually a fan of floral or musky scents in everyday life but I have a few "night time" perfumes that seem to have them included and with the added sweetness of the Vanilla, it's a lot easier for me to wear :-) 

I can't seem to find it in stores, e.g. Boots or Debenhams but have found it on Amazon, as well as some variations of it! :-) 

Have you tired this perfume? Have a Night Time scent you like to wear?? 

Linzi xxx

Friday, 27 July 2012

REVIEW - The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Butter

Hullo  Ladies!

So the weather has been beautiful these last few days and I've quickly noticed that the products I'm using have changed again!

The Body Shops Strawberry Body Butter is another product that I disliked at first but have grown to love, at first I found it to smell too sickly sweet but now that the summer is officially here I find my self craving that fruity sweetness more and more..to the point that my mouth waters just thinking about it...sad.. I know! 

So this is a small 50ml tub that I received at Christmas time in a mini set that included the body polish, which I love, as well as the Shower gel, which I love too. 

If you read my blog then you may know that I love The Body Shops Body Butters..to the point where it 
wont be long and I would have tried all of them! 

I'm not saying that I love them all but if I dislike a body butter from their then you can guarantee its because of the scent not because its a bad moisturizer :-) 

The best thing for you to do is go to the shop and have a good smell but be careful as because of all the different scents it can be quite confusing to your senses.

 At one point I bought home the Vitamin E body butter, having liked the smell in the store. I must have been smelling something totally different though because as soon as I got in the car and opened it I hated it. I'm not a fan of rose scented products so I gave the tub to my best friend who loves it. 

I've bought a lot of body butters over the years that I hadn't smelt before I bought them and then had to give them away because of how they smelt...the great thing is you always know someone who will be completely opposite to you and love the scent :-) 

This Strawberry Body Butter is for Normal Skin which I find great to put on in the day time as it gives me just enough hydration. Then at night I will apply something designed for more dry skin. 

I'm running out of this now so it's time to buy the bigger tub, the great thing is that the Body Butter are 50% off at the moment on the UK website, I don't know about in store. I also found a code on their Facebook page for 50% off everything which is even better. Give it a try!  LOVE50  

What's your favourite Body Butter scent?? 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Linzi xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NOTD - Nails Inc - Pudding Lane

Hullo Everyone!!

I'm so excited to be wearing this today! 

I've finally got my hands on a Sprinkle polish from Nails Inc :-) YAY!!

I've been wanting this polish for ages, since they came out but I wasn't willing to pay full price so waited till QVC brought out the set for half the price!!

So they have got all the collection on the site but you get three in one set and this was in the TSV as this is the one I most wanted, I chose the TSV. I'm willing to wait awhile longer for the rest :-) 

This is it close up and at first I only put one coat on and it seemed fine, with a thick layer you got great coverage but when I put the second on I understood why they tell you too, seeing the new layer of polish cover the old just gives it more depth making it so much more interesting :-) 

Alot of people wear sprinkles other other polishes but this is just two coats on its own! 

Nope... this picture wasn't taken with flash, that's just how bright it was through my window this morning...Shocking for Wales!  

It just made the polish look even more pretty :-) 

Heather from Nails Inc and the rest of the world seem to liken the effect to cup cake sprinkles but to me it's more like melted ice cream with hundreds and thousands....either way my sweet tooth is loving it!

I'm really loving this right now, It's such a summer colour but I know I will be wearing it year round!

I know for a fact that this is going to be horrible to take off... but I don't mind, It's just too stunning to turn down :-) 

Are you loving the Nails Inc Sprinkles or are you not a fan??

Linzi xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nails Inc July TSV has arrived!!!

Hullo Ladies!!

Last week I posted about the Nails Inc Today's Special Value that QVC UK had going on, for 24hrs this 7 piece set was down to just under £25!!!

Such great value for money :-)

"From L - R Cheyne Walk, Sloane Gardens, Warwick Street,  Princes Arcade, Pudding Lane, Porchester Square and Portobello".

Here are some swatches and NOTD ideas! 

I'm really loving this set, I think it's the best they have come up with yet. So many brand new colour and ones that are not even out yet!! 

Did you splurge and buy yourself the TSV?? 

Linzi xxx

Monday, 23 July 2012

REVIEW + Swatches of Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette

Hullo Beautiful Ladies

Last year Urban Decay Celebrated their 15th Anniversary and brought out a few special products, this palette being one of them! 

It includes all brand new shades.

Although hard to keep clean, the packaging is beautiful.

The shadows are on a lid that you can lift and can be used as a keep sake box once you have finished with them.

*That's going to take years!"


Like all Urban Decay eye shadows, they are extremely smooth, pigmented and unique.

This palette consists of both, neutral and bright shades. Making it easy for you to transform your look from day to night without fiddling around with all different type of palettes. 

Surprisingly I don't use this palette enough, I usually just go for my Naked Palette to play it safe but I've decided to use this more often as I did pay a good amount for it! 

I don't mind paying for Urban Decay Palettes though, I would rather pay around £30/£40 for a palette full of shadows, than  buying one shadow for £14! 

It makes it a good saving if you think about it because they are still full sized! 

I wanted to include this picture because right at the moment a woman walked past! She must have been thinking " What a strange girl!"  Haha. "Taking random pictures of her arm!!"  I just nodded and said hey, think I did pretty well, though I'm sure I went bright red!!!

On to the Swatches :-) 

"From L-R - Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow and Chase."

Midnight Rodeo: Brown with Silver Glitter
Midnight 15:  Dirty Pearl with Silver Glitter
Vanilla: Light yellow toned white with gold shimmer
Flow: Peachy shimmer
Chase: Golden Bronze


"From L - R - Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence and Deep End"

Tainted:  Pale purple toned pink with gold shimmer
Junkshow: Bright pink with blue duo chrome
Omen: Bright purple with blue duo chrome
Evidence: Deep Blue
Deep End: Bright Teal/blue

"From L - R - Deeper, M.I.A, Ace, Blackout and Half Truth."

Deeper: Dark Golden Brown
M.I.A: Dark Brown
Ace: Dark Gunmetal
Blackout: Matte Black
Half Truth: Dark grey with purple duo chrome

Most Used : Flow, Chase, Deeper, Tainted. *Not all at the same time!*

Most Unique: Half Truth, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence. * I'm in love with Half Truth*

Least Used: Midnight Rodeo, Midnight Cowboy, Deep End. * I find them hard to work with, although they are all very beautiful :-)*

Least Unique: M.I.A, Vanilla,  Ace. *I've seen variations of these colours in a lot of UD palettes*

I can't remember how much this costs exactly, I bought it from Debenhams, I checked last night and it was there, looked just now and it's gone. Debenhams' website can be so tricky at times. Hard work!

I'm very glad I got this palette, I use Urban Decay's eye shadows on a daily bases, they are my favourite above all others, even MAC :-) 

I personally don't feel like I need to own every palette UD brings out because I know they often release the same if not similar colours...so two or three palettes is enough for me. Although I must admit sometimes I get sucked in by the lovely packaging :-) 

Hope you enjoyed this....very long...review!

Do you have a UD palette that you love? What is it??

Linzi xxx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

NOTD - Nails Inc - Carlton Gardens

Hullo Ladies!

The sun is finally out here in South Wales and I fancied trying a nail polish that I've never worn before, so I looked into my "untried" box and picked this beauty up!

It's gorgeous, I don't understand how I never thought so before :-)

Carlton Garden is a light metallic blue with silver shimmers running though it. 

It was very easy to apply and took just two coats to become opaque. 

I'm loving this for the summer, even though at first look It seems more of a winter nail polish. Luckily, I hate following the rules! :-P

Hope your all having a great weekend, I'm off to the pub :-) 

Linzi xxx

Friday, 20 July 2012

Great finds! (Leighton Denny, RE-BORN + more)


It's Friiiiiiiday!!! 

Just in case you didn't know already :-) 

Like many Fridays I've spent my day shopping with my Nan, mainly because It's my parents Anniversary tomorrow and we both needed to find them something :-) 

First stop was back to New Look to see what was left in the sales :-) 

This is one of the things I bought my mam, she loves pairing the colours black and gold, especially with her accessories so I know for a fact she is going to love these! 

They were down to just £2 in the New Look sale!

I picked up these last week and forgot to mention them ;-) 

It's a lovely set, I love the butterfly's so much I wore them today and they're stunning.

All of them for just £2, so many pretty colours!

I've seen a lot of these spike bracelets lately and was so happy to find it on sale! A major 75% off.

It was originally £5 and down to just £1.25

This is another style that I've seen a lot lately, they're gorgeous. 

This skull charm bracelet was originally £5.50 and down to £1.38

I'm looking forward to wearing them with the blue skater dress I bought last leek.

I also picked up these earrings to go with the bracelet, If they where at full price I wouldn't have bothered because I have had a lot of trouble with earrings like this, you wear them a few times and they break off but the were only £1 down from £4 :-) Seemed like it was worth a try!

Whilst I was also in New Look I picked up a new Maxi Dress and a T-shirt. I hate taking picture of clothes though! Sorry! The t-shirt was white and had an hawiian logo on it and the maxi dress is a very colour woven  print.

I also stopped in Poundland to see if they have any new Sinful Colors nail polish but they didn't, though I did see this Possibility Lemon Cheesecake lip balm. It smells amazing and is a whopping 20g. I've seen them in New Look before and always fancied them. I picked this up for a £1 :-) 

Probably one of my best finds ever is this Leighton Denny Duo that I found in Tk Maxx...I was looking at the Nails Inc Crackle sets that they now have there but couldn't find an excuse to buy then as I recently bought the QVC TSV. So instead I looked at some other products and found this Leighton Denny set..I'd seen the same set before for around £9.99 and always put it back but I noticed that they had reduced it...to just £4.99!!!! 

Two Leighton Denny polishes for less the £5...amazing!

The red "Indulgence" Is a gorgeous blue toned red and the dark grey colour "Graycious" I'm giving to my mam tomorrow as well as the earrings as It's a colour that I know she will love :-) 

So those are my recent finds!

Found anything good in the summer sales recently??

Linzi xxx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

REVIEW - GOSH - Velvet Touch Lipstick - Darling

Hullo Ladies!

This is a review of the very popular GOSH lipstick - Darling.

It's a very pale peachy nude.

When I was going through my "Lipstick Obsession Stage" I used to watch a lot of beauty gurus on Youtube talk about their favourite lipstick and this was mentioned in many of them.

It has a very nice matte black packaging.  

Its a very pale nude though and I can imagine a lot of people not being able to pull it off. Me included :-) 

Though I still like it a lot and that's basically down to the formula, Its so creamy and pigmented. It has amazing moisture for a lipstick and also lasts for some time on my lips. 

In this picture I'm actually wearing it quite lightly which is the only way I can wear it, If I put it on any thicker it's like a concealer on me!

If I'm really honest I don't wear this a whole lot, preferring to use MAC Hue as my staple nude. 

If I do wear it I apply a pink toned lip gloss over the top to give it a bit more colour :-) 

Have you tried GOSH Darling? Love it or Hate it?

Linzi xxx

RANT....and Ciate NOTD :-)

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

So the other day I purchased a Cosmopolitan Magazine, It's probably my favourite to read and usually has good freebies.

Well this month they were giving away a choice of three Missguided nail polishes. 

I picked the yellow "Misslead" which I found to be the only one that was vaguely unique out of the lot.

I liked the fact that it was a good sized product and it's a pretty bottle, I brought it home but have only had time today to try it and guess what...the bloody thing wont open. I've asked everyone  to try and open it today and the cap will not budge. 

Just now I tried again and it's cracked! 

It's so disappointing... Okay so I didn't pay full price for it but I just expected more. I'f this is the same packaging that they are charging people for on the website then they really need to look into it. 

I have had nail polishes that have been tricky to get open before but that's usually because I've used them half a dozen times and the product has dried around the cap. I haven't even opened this! 

Is it just me who's had this problem?? 

Okay rant over...needed that haha...it's one of those days!

Onto my NOTD

Which is in fact another freebie!!

Though this one really didn't disappoint :-) 

I picked... Ciate Nail Polish in Bon Bon ....up a few months ago, put it on my brothers fiance and decided it wasn't really for me... until I went out on a limb and tried it today and realized I am in LOVE! 

I'm very picky with my nude polishes, I've so many that I have only worn once and will never wear again but I can't imagine this being one of them. Just like Leighton Denny's Supermodel I find that it's very flattering on my nails. Giving me an elegant manicure without me thinking that it's boring. I just feel real...posh! :-) 

Do you do that sometimes?

Buy something and hate it for a few weeks/months, then suddenly really like it??

Hope you have all had a good day, I had a driving lesson today and actually drove the car home myself! Hehe I know a lot of you are shouting "Annnnd??" at the screen but I really feel like I'm getting better at driving, even went up some hills! 

Linzi xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Nails Inc TSV on QVCUK (19/07/12)

Hullo Ladies!

At Midnight on QVC Nails Inc are featuring a new Today Special Value Collection that looks amazing, a few people were able to purchase it early and I have heard great things so far. 

It's a seven piece set and costs £24.95 and £3.95 P+P  which is a great saving if you think that each polish usually costs £11 each :-) 

This is a Youtube link from Nails Inc and QVC talking about the TSV 

They also have a hew other new collection on the website from Nails Inc, Including a trio from the Sprinkles Collection and a Neon Crackle set :-) 

Here's a link to the QVC website! 

Hope you find something nice :-) 

Linzi xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Nail Polish Collection Part 4 *Odds and Ends*

Hullo lovely ladies!

Sorry this post is so late but I've been really busy lately and had to find out the names of some of these polishes :-] Opps!


"Lavander Cupcake, Bubblegum Pink, Mint Macaroon, Ink Stain, Gramercy Glitz and Lights-Camera Glitter"

Color Club

"Club Clear, Hot Couture, Covered in Diamonds, Magic Attraction, Sugar Plum Fairy and Beyond the Mistletoe"

These are the polishes I needed to find the names of as I picked them up in Tk Maxx and they came with no numbers or names :-( Poor things!


"Rapid Dry Top Coat, La Paz-itivly Hot, Dim Sum Plum, A - Zurich, Cajun Shrimp, Strawberry Margarita and Chip Skip"


"Unknow Purple, Mermaid Blue and Flash Cosmic"


" Wait Until Dark and Bon Bon"


"No. 15"

China Glaze

"For Audrey"

I really need to get some more!

Sinful Colors

"Daddys Girl, 24/7, Tapping Nails and See You Soon"

Max Factor

"Fantasy Fire"


"Deep Purple, Pool Party, Holographic, Nero, Magic Star and Night Kiss"

These are the GOSH polishes I recently picked up in the clearance bin at Superdrug!

So there you go! 

That's the end of my Nail Polish Collection...finally! I really need to calm down ;-) 

You might notice that I didn't post my Nail Care/Treatment products...I'm keeping them for a separate post !

Hope you have all had a lovely day!

Linzi xxx