Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Maybelline Haul and Recent Blog Award :-)

Hullo Gorgeous People :-) 

So I've been real busy the last few days but today I had a chance to go down to Superdrug, I really needed a new mascara, I have a small problem with throwing the old ones out...It's bad...I know!! 

Don't worry I've done it now :-) 

I like to have about three different ones on hand so I will be picking up a few more in the next few weeks :-) 

 I picked  the Colossal Volume Expess Mascara which I have tried once before and really liked but I'm terrible with sticking with just one mascara as there are so many out there to try :-) 

I was slightly distraught over of the price, it was over the £8 mark which I really didn't like but they had a "3 for 2" offer on so I decided to go for it and picked up two Superstay Tint Gloss in Forever Fuschia and Endless Ruby. 

I'm hoping that they are going to be better than the 17 lip stain that I bought and threw away today. It dried out so quickly, I think I only used in twice. 

I've also been nominated for the Liebster Award by two lovely ladies recently:


They are both great people with amazing blogs so check them out!!

I've been lucky enough to have won the Liebster award before so I'll link you here :-)

Do you have a favourite Mascara you would like to recommend?? 

Thanks again ladies!!

Linzi xxx


  1. I am dying to try out the tint glosses! Would love to know what you think :)


    1. Will be doing a review on them soon hun :-) xxx

  2. hey your blog is so beautiful just like you :)
    blogwalking here, mind to follow each others? let me know.


    1. Awhh thanks hun! I've followed :-) You have a great blog! xxx