Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Favourites 2013

Hullo Ladies!

It's the end of another month :-) 

I can't believe we are a quarter into the year already!

Here are some of the products I've been reaching for continuously in the last four weeks. 


Aussie Take The Heat Protection Spray - Reviewed Here - I've been using a lot of heat on my hair the last few weeks and I feel like this has been by my side the whole time. I really think it's helps keep my hair protected from the heat and also helps with smoothness and shine. 

Percy & Reed Colour & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner - These were free in Glamour Magazine this month and I'm so glad I got to try them, the shampoo really cleanses my hair and the conditioner makes it extra soft! I don't think I'd pay the price for them as they are quite over my budget but they have been a lovely treat for my hair!

 Makeup & Nails

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - I've been in love with this foundation again this month, I'll be reviewing it soon. It's the first foundation the actually matches my skin colour perfectly! 

MAC Fluidline in Rich Ground - Reviewed Here- I just love this liner, it's so gorgeous! It's great for days when you just don't want to wear the usual black or brown. Look's amazing on it's own or with some shadows.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sweet Tart - I recently spoilt myself and bought two Revlon lip butters, I'd been drooling over the range for months but just hadn't taken the leap. I'm glad I finally did, I'm in love with them. I've been wearing Sweet Tart most of this month because it's a gorgeous pop of colour for spring! 

Dainty Doll Blush in My Girl - Dainty Doll products have been talked about a lot this month due o Fragrance direct and TK Maxx selling them at amazing discount prices! I picked a few things up from TK Maxx last month *check out the post - Here*  and this gorgeous pink blush was one of them.

GOSH Nail Polish in  Lavender Love -  This is a gorgeous special edition periwinkle blue nail polish from GOSH. I bought it in the Clearance box back last year with a load of other GOSH makeup. I hope they do it again this year as I found some amazing offers :-)  I been loving this colour for Spring. It's bright and looks very flattering on the nails. 

 Skin Care 

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes - I usually just use baby wipes to take of my make up as they're a lot less expensive but when I saw these on offer I decided to test them out. I'm really liking them and feel that they give me a more intensive clean than baby wipes. 

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter - I've been using this as a face cream this month and It's worked wonders on my dry skin but If I don't use it for a few days in a row the flakes come back so I've worked it into my routine now to use just before applying my makeup. 


Marc Jabobs Oh! Lola EDT - Review Here - A gorgeous perfume for spring, it's fruity and floral but very young a fresh. A unique scent with amazing packaging!

The Body Shop Mango EDT - Some new EDT's have been brought out in all the original Body Shop scents, this is the Mango one and it's smells amazing. I just want to eat my wrist when I apply it! I've gone through loads of it already so I know I'm going to be picking more up when I run out. It's worth checking out next time your in the store!

 Book Of The Month

J R Ward Lover At Last - This is a novel that I've waited four years for. It's a series that interlinks through a large group of vampires. Vampires known as the Blackdagger Brotherhood. If you are into Supernatural romance novels or romance in general then I highly suggest giving this a go. There is some violence, sex and swearing so if that may offend you then you may want to pass. It's a great book though, telling the romance of Qhuinn and Blaylock two male vampires who fall in love. It's the first m/m pairing in the series and the author did it very well. She gave them the Happy Ever After that I've been waiting for :-) 

So that's everything I've been loving this month! 

Hope you are all having a great Easter!!

Happy Spring! 

Linzi xxx

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Eau My Giddy God - Marc Jacobs - Oh! Lola EDT

Hullo Ladies!

haven't written about a perfume in a while so I thought I might do a review on one I've been loving lately.

I've wanted a Marc Jacobs perfume for a long time now, ever since I started watching collection videos on Youtube. Everyone seemed to own either Daisy or Lola. I liked Daisy after smelling it in store and maybe someday I'll own it but after trying Lola in store I was shocked at how bad my reaction was to it. I had to go and wash it off my wrist. It made me feel ill! 

Oh! Lola was launched in 2011 but It took me a long time to try it due to the Lola fiasco

So when I finally tried it out just before Christmas I was surprised at how much I liked it. Usually when you see perfume "sequels" a lot of the time they're a similar version to the original,  it's great for me that this isn't! 

This is categorized as a Floral Fruity perfume, but It's very unique, I haven't smelt anything like it before! Even though it's been regularly called Lola's younger sister, I think it's a very sophisticated perfume for the category it's in. 

Sometimes I can be put off when someone says that a perfume is "fruity" as so many popular perfumes are these days and they all smell the same to me! It's nice to have something that you don't smell often on other people! 

The notes for this perfume are :-

Top -Wild strawberry, raspberry and pear
Middle - Cyclamen, Peony,  magnolia
Base - Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood

To me it's a great mix of juiciness and light floral's, I don't really smell the base notes though, which I would usually be disappointed in as I love Tonka Bean and Sandalwood in my perfumes but It still works very well.

I've been wearing this a lot this month because to me it screams "Spring" I'm not the type to categorise perfumes by seasons but I just feel that this little gem shows off it's best assets this time of year! 

On me it last a good few hours and I can catch the scent every so often later in the day which is quite good for an EDT! 

I was lucky enough to receive the 50ml set for Christmas so I layer the perfume with lotion to make it last even longer :-) 

Also.....look at that gorgeous packaging! How could you not fall in love!

Have you tired this perfume? 
Love it or hate it?

Linzi xxx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The "I Heart Spring" Tag!

Hullo Ladies! 

I love a good tag and after seeing this one make the rounds on Youtube I decided to give it a go! 

1. Favorite spring nail polish?

I always need a pop of colour when Spring finally gets here so I'd have to say my favourite pink nail polish...Leighton Denny Plush Pink which you can see my review of here

2. What is your must-have lip product this spring?

Revlon Lip Butters! 
I only own two and my favourite for Spring must be Sweet Tart. It's a gorgeous colour on the lips and I'm in love with it! 

3. Show us your favorite spring dress!

I don't wear a lot of dresses mainly I'll wear them on a night out but I'm determined to find a gorgeous light blue dress with a white lace peter pan collar this Spring/Summer. I think that would just look so girly and beautiful. Don't know If i'd be able to pull it of though ;-) 

4. What's your favorite flower?

As a welsh woman my answer should really be the daffodil and although I love them, my favourite flower is in fact the chrysanthemum.

5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?

I've been into statement necklaces recently and not long ago I picked up this one. I think It would be gorgeous to wear on Easter Sunday!

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)

Fashion wise I love to add some floral print to my clothing. It just makes me smile!  With makeup I love to add a bit more colour into my routine when Spring is here. A brighter lipstick or maybe a coloured liner. 

7. Favorite spring candle OR Favorite seasonal food in spring?

Hmmm food that I enjoy in spring. To me the easy answer would be a cadbury's creme egg :-P Seriously though I think it would be Tuna Pasta Salad......then the creme egg! 

8. Favorite perfume for spring?

My parents bought me this Marc Jacobs Oh Lola perfume for Christmas but to me it screams 'Spring' so I'm looking forward to wearing this in the coming months! It's a gorgeous fresh scent and I talked about it here in my Top 5 Perfumes Post. 

9. What is spring like where you live?

For the last few years we've had a warm spring in Wales but so far all I've seen is rain and snow! I'm hoping in the next few month's it will start to warm up like it usually does :-) 

10. What's your favorite thing about spring?

Probably the fact that I can start to get more excited about using colours in my clothing and makeup and the fact that some time soon I might actually be able to leave the house without a coat....sad I know! 

11. Are you a spring cleaner?

Even though my room is usually messy I hate clutter. I'm not a hoarder, if it doesn't mean anything to me or doesn't have a useful purpose then it's going in the bin!  I guess that means I'm kind of a spring cleaner because I like to spend time throwing out rubbish! I'm not OCD about it though :-) 

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

 I'm looking forward to Easter weekend! Means I get to eat chocolate without feeling so guilty...always a plus! That's about it though. Yeah...I'm that boring ;-) 

So that's the I heart Spring tag! 

I'm tagging all of you to do it :-P Leave me your link if you do! I'd love to read your answers.

Linzi xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

REVIEW - AUSSIE - Take The Heat Leave-in Spray

Hey Ladies :-) 

Since I was young I've always heard my hair dresser's talking about how important it is to protect your hair from heat when styling it. Only recently though have I started to take that vital information to heart. 

Mostly because I'm styling my hair a lot more often now and as I constantly forgot to spray on my heat protectant I could see the ends getting dryer and dryer until they were just a frazzled mess. The fact that I dye my hair frequently too just made it worse. 

So after having a guts full with my damaged hair I decided about a month ago to start taking better care of it. This Aussie Take The Heat Leave -in Spray with jojoba oil is one of the products I started using religiously. 

I'm on my second bottle of it already and I have to say I really think it's helped. My hair feels a lot more smoother now and my ends are looking much better. 

It's very light weight and it doesn't make my hair feel heavy, sticky, greasy or crunchy at all. In fact I'm pretty sure it helps make my hair easier to work with.

I spray it on wet hair before I blow dry and then again if I'm using any styling tool's. 

It has a lovely scent which isn't too strong which I like as I find some hair products to be way too over powering. 

This isn't the first heat protectant I've tried but it's my favourite so far and until I find something that beats it I'll be re-purchasing it again and again. 

Have you tried this product or do you use something else that you love?

Linzi xxx

Monday, 25 March 2013

A Hair Product Addict's Haul!

Hey Ladies!

So lately I've just been obsessed with hair products! 

I think it was due to the fact that a few weeks ago I had to dye my hair twice in one week which really dried out my ends and made me want to look after my hair a lot better :-) 

This haul isn't just what I got today but what I've bought in the last week/ten days. 

Last week I was shopping in ASDA and noticed that they had a 3 for £10 deal on all Aussie products. I couldn't remember which range was my favourite so I picked up a 3 minute miracle Colour Deep Treatment, a Mega Shampoo and a Take The Heat Protection Spray. I love the Heat Protection spray I've been using it non stop the past few months and I'm running out of it so I needed to re-purchase. 

I also wanted to try a new hairspray, not just because my brother stole my Tresseme one, but because I want to experiment with some different brands! I picked up two : the GOT2B 2SEXY Volumizing Hairspray and the Garnier Fructis Extreme Hold Hairspray
The Garnier range was on offer so I picked up the Curl and Bounce Mousse too.  I haven't used it yet but it smells good :-)

Then today me and my mam stopped in Superdrug and I noticed that the VO5 were on 2 for £4.99. I've been wanting to try the VO5 range since all those ad's they brought out last year so I picked up the Cherish My Colour Shampoo and Conditioner.  I know that two different Shampoo and Conditioners in one week might be strange to some people but I find the more I switch up my hair products the less dandruff and build up I get. 

Last but not least I picked up the VO5 Texturising Gum as I haven't been playing around with the layers I recently got at the hairdresser so I'm determined to have some crazy fun with this stuff :-) 

So that's all the hair products I bought recently, no doubt I'll be buying more If this addiction lasts ! 

Hope you have all had a great Monday :-)

Linzi xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Do You Do This? ;-)

Image taken from Tumblr

I'm a proud book worm! 

Have been since I was very young. I love spending days just getting lost in stories. 

Today I've been doing exactly that! 

The latest J R Ward novel came through my door this morning and I nearly started hyperventilating when I saw it. I've been waiting four years for this story to unfold and I just finished it. 

I found that even when I finished that amazing last page I didn't want to remove the book from my hands.

Have you ever felt that way about a novel/author? 

If you have leave the name in the comments section, I'm feeling slightly lost now I've finished  J R Ward's Lover At Last!  

Hope your all having a great weekend :-)

Linzi xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

Beauty Products Worth The Hype #1

Hi Ladies, I've been a rubbish blogger this month. I just haven't had the inspiration or energy to write anything! I've been meaning to do this post in awhile though so I'm hoping it's gonna be my kick start back into daily blogging! Let's hope :-) 

Here are some of the products I feel are definitely Worth The Hype!

Urban Decay Naked Palette - One of if not 'The' most famous eye shadow palette's ever made. It's talked about on probably every beauty blog ever created at some point and there's a big reason why. It's stunning. Mine is looking a bit worse for wear as I've used it on a daily basis for nearly two years now. It was my first high end make up purchase and it was well worth the money. 

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup - My first MAC purchase and I'm on my second tube of it now. I keep it for special occasions and this is probably the only MAC product I will be re-purchasing. It's the most gorgeous nude pink. I love to wear it with a strong smokey eye on a night out. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - When I first got into the whole 'beauty' thing, there was two eye shadow primers that everyone and their mother where talking about on the web. This one and the Urban Decay Primer Potion. I've tried both and I can't really see the difference in either them. They are both amazing at making your eye shadow bullet proof. 

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner -  Back about 18 months ago I was obsessed with finding the perfect liner for me and I did. The Bobbi Brown Gel Liners are expensive yet worth it in my eyes. They stay on me right up until I take them off. They go on smooth and dry instantly so I don't get any smudges which is something I hate, especially when you've just taken god knows how long doing your eye shadow!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer - I'd heard a lot about this concealer through the pixiwoo girls on youtube so on my birthday the year before last I picked it up. I love it and It's a great for hiding blemishes and redness. I use something a bit less drying for under my eyes but this is still an amazing concealer. 

St Ives Apricot Scrub -I been using the St Ives Facial scrubs for a long time now. So long in fact that the scent of them is very comforting to me......strange I know. They just make my skin feel super soft and help with fighting blemishes! They are also very inexpensive which is always a plus in my book :-)

Burt's Bees Lip Balm - I got into the Burt's Bees lip balm when I bought their lucky dip bag last year. They are probably one of the only lip balms I find actually work on my dry lips. Not just soothing them at the time they're on my lips but keeping them hydrated for a long time after. My favourite's are the original and the mango. 

The Body Shop Body Butter - I suffer with dry skin all year round so I always make sure I have a Body Shop Body Butter in the house. I love them. Some more than others but all of them do some form of good for my skin. My favourite ones are the Mango, Shea and Strawberry. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - My brother bought me the Real Techniques Core Collection for Christmas and I've made good use out of it. The brush I love most is this Buffing Brush. I can understand why so many people love it, it helps me to achieve such a flawless application and as you can see from the dirty brush, I use it very often! 

Collection 2000 Cream Puff - These were very popular not so long ago and I managed to pick up the colour Fairy Cake, it's a gorgeous pinky/coral colour. Stunning in the Spring time when you just want a pop of colour to your look. It has great staying power and I don't find them too drying for my lips! 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation  - I reviewed this foundation here - where I talk about it in a lot more detail. All I'll say is that I love this stuff, it makes me feel better about myself when I wear it...which is what makeup is for right?!

Leighton Denny Nail Polish - Supermodel - Not long ago I had an addiction to the QVC beauty channel and I often saw this beautiful shade being painted on many nails! When I found out it was being offered for free with a magazine I ran out looking everywhere for it! It's a gorgeous neutral polish that flatters everyone! When I painted my nan's nails with it she loved it so much that she went online and bought it the same night!  

China Glaze - For Audrey - I have a love Audrey Hepburn movies. Sabrina and Roman Holiday are classics. I loved the idea of this being in memory of her and after I saw what the colour looked like I knew I had to have it! It's a stunning and sophisticated Tiffany Blue polish. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you read it all then good for you! 
I know it's been a long one ;-) 

Linzi xxx

Monday, 18 March 2013

REVIEW - Remington Pearl Wand

Hullo Ladies!

I received this Remington Curling Wand for Christmas. It's the first curling tool I've ever owned and up to recently I had only ever had my hair curled when I was my cousins bridesmaid and at the time I hated how it looked. 

I think that was probably because my hair was quite short at the time. 

Now my hair is longer I've been wanting to do more with it so a curling tool was a lovely surprise!

This wand has a pearl ceramic coating with real pearl shimmer for a smoother finish. 

Included with this curling wand you recieve a heat protecting glove and a heat proof pouch.  

It has a digital display and you can choose a heat setting from 130 - 210  degrees celsius. 

It heats up surprisingly quickly, at the price I expected to be waiting about five minutes at least but it was hot in one minute. It also has a cool tip at the end so you can hold onto something while your waiting for the curl. 

On the box it says that it has a automatic safety shut off which I great but I've never had to use it as I always make sure I turn the wand off and pop it into the included pouch.

I've heard that a lot of people find it daunting using a curling tool that doesn't have a clamp but I find this to be very easy to use even for me. I'm glad I started out with a wand as I've heard the clamp on some curling irons can make impressions into the hair that don't look as natural as it would with a wand. 

I adore this product and I'm even looking into buying more from the Remington Pearl range. 

In the above picture I show how it looks with just a few curls in my hair as I don't like to completely curl my hair as it's so thick that I feel like it looks way too big if I curl every part. 

You can create tight curls or loose curls all according to how hot you have the setting or if you let the curls drop by not applying hairspray soon after. At the moment I'm preferring the more loose curls. 

I was very surprised at how long these curls can last. I've curled my hair for a night out and still have lovely waves the next morning for a more vintage look! 

You can buy it HERE for  £19.89 but it's also on sale in Argos at the moment!

Have you tried this curling wand? 

Linzi xxx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Boots Shopping Haul :-)

Hullo Ladies!

I went shopping in Boot's this weekend and picked up a few things I wanted/needed :-) 

First I picked up a new hairdryer as I've been using my small travel one for years and it was just taking too long to dry my hair lately. 

I picked up this Babyliss Turbo Power 2200 dryer for £19.99 

Before I took the hairdryer to the counter I had a look around the makeup and after hearing so much about the Revlon Lip Butters and seeing them still being posted in monthly favourite's I decided to jump on the wagon!  I picked the colours Peach Parfait and Sweet Tart. I love them so much already I really want to go and get more of them!

The next two makeup products I didn't get in Boot's but in Asda. In my local ASDA Living store the Rimmel products are all under a £5. I don't know if that's just my store or in ever store. I bought the Apocolips in Nova and the Sexy Curves Mascara in Black. 

When queuing to be served I had a look in the clearance box and found these Garnier products down to just £2 each. Originally I only picked up one dark spot corrector and the under eye roll on but when paying, the lovely assistant told me that they were still on 3 for 2  but there wasn't anything different in the box so I just picked up another dark spot corrector. 

So that's everything I bought at Boot's this weekend!

Do you have any Revlon Lip Butter suggestions? 

I love the look of Strawberry Shortcake and Tutti Fruity :-) 

Linzi, xxx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Weekly Want's :-)

Hullo Ladies!

Here are some products that I've been obsessing over this week :-) 

D&G The One EDP Gift Set  - £38.66 on sale
I've been wanting this perfume for a long time now and I constantly drool over it when I spot it on the Debenhams website. I have so many perfumes that I want to get through first though, maybe I'll put it on my birthday wishlist later in the year!

I feel like I've been seeing this everywhere since it came out! I'm loving matte shades at the moment so I'm itching for this gorgeous palette!

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline      -  £14

My Bobbi Brown eyeliners are starting to dry out :-( *they've lasted me 18 months though!* so I'm in need of a good black gel liner and I've heard great things about this one!

Remington Hair Dryer    -£19.99 on offer

My old hair dryer broke back last year and since then I've just been using my travel one but my hair is so thick and long now that's it's taking me ages to dry my hair with the thing!  Looking at the reviews on the Argos website this looks like a great hair dryer for the price. I'm loving Remington hair tools right now!

Remington Curling Wand  -   £22.99 on offer 

I recieved the thinner version of this curling wand for Christmas and I love it, I really want to try a thicker barrel though so hopefully soon I'll be picking this one up! 

So that's everything I've had my eye on this week :-)

What have you been wanting??

Linzi xxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Testing The Hype! - Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose

Hey Ladies :-)

I'm the type of person that likes to keep four or five lip balms in her handbag, so after seeing these Nivea Lip Butters popping up on 'Favourite Post's' everywhere....I had to see what the fuss was about!

I've been using it for a few days now so I've decided to review it and tell you if I think it's worth the hype or not. 

After having a sniff of them in Superdrug I decided on the Raspberry Rose, to me it smells like strawberry Starburst's or something of the like. It's a very sweet berry scent, which I adore!

I know that some people may not like it though and apparently Nivea did too as they also brought out a few other scents and one that is unscented. 

This product, although looking very pink in the container, has no true colour pay off on the lips but if I use a liberally amount it can lighten my natural lip colour. 

I'm careful with the amount I put on though as the product is quite a heavy formula.

This lip butter lasts around an hour on me depending on food and drink consumption, which can be a downfall as I've used other lip care products that have lasted a lot longer on my lips. 

Another downfall is that I do not think It moisturizes my lips as much as my favourite lip balms. Although if you do not suffer with very dry lips like I do this may not be a problem too you.

 In the summer I doubt it will be a problem to me either! :-P

One thing I like about it is the price, at £1.49 for 16.7g of product, it's half the price of my other lip balms. 

All in all I actually quite like this product and although it isn't perfect, I have to give respect to Nivea for bringing out an inexpensive and unique lip treatment. 

I'm glad I picked up this product, it's lovely to just throw on in the day time, without having to give it much thought and I always enjoy it's gorgeous scent.....although It has made me crave some Starburst's! 

In my eyes I believe it to be worth the hype as it's inexpensive, has a good amount of product and smells wonderful.  It's definitely going in my handbag with my other lip balms!

The one thing I wish they had done was include an SPF. I think that would have made it even better in my eyes. 

Have you tried the Nivea Lip Butters?

 Do you think they are worth the hype?

Linzi xxx


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Collective Haul - The Body Shop, No 7, Simple and Mag Freebie!

Hey Ladies!

It's been nearly a week since I last blogged about anything!

 I've had so much going on but I've missed posting! 

I though that my first post back should be of the products I've picked up in the last week :-) 

At the beginning of the week I went to Asda and Superdrug and picked up some hair care products. 

The Garnier Fructis Frizz Tamer Shampoo and Conditioner - I like them so far. They smell amazing and my hair feels super smooth and sleek afterwards. 

I picked up the Glamour Magazine in Asda because it came with a free Percy and Reed hair product. I choose the Colour and Shine Conditioner. This was the only one left. I hope next time I go there'll be some more variety. It smells the same as all the Percy and Reed products and I'm liking it so far although I've only used it once. 

I also stopped in Superdrug for some hair dye and whilst there I picked up the Loreal Elvive Full Restore Conditioning Replenish Spray. 

Just before I left I snagged a Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash too. I'm really liking the Simple brand at the moment, I'm on the path of trying to get my skin into a better condition.

One thing I do every now and then is pop into the local charity shop to pick up some books, I managed to find some Nora Roberts that I hadn't read yet but when passing the window outside I spotted a little No 7 gift box. I asked the lovely lady behind the contour if I could have a look at what was inside, mainly because I wanted to check that nothing had been touched, when she opened it up I almost wept with joy! The set included a travel mascara, full size eyeliner, full size lipstick and an eyeshadow! All brand new and for just £1.99 :-D 

When I came home I had a quick check online to see if I could find out when the set came out and apparently it came out in December/January when you spent a certain amount on No 7 porducts! The colours are gorgeous. Nothing in there I wouldn't use. I'll be reviewing some of them very soon! 

Last but not least, Yesterday my brother and I went Mothers Day shopping and I found The Body Shop store! It was an outlet so everything was discounted! 

I bought my mam a new Wise Woman Day Cream and Cleanser and then for myself I picked up some new releases. They had put the new EDT's in little sets for great prices. 

After testing out the Mango EDT I knew I had to have it. I grabbed the last set that also included the new Mango lip gloss and a travel size Mango Body Butter. For just £13.33, which is great as on the website the perfume is £8.50 and the Gloss £7 on their own!

When I paid by the counter the assistant asked me if I had a Membership card, which I did but knew it had run up. I told her this and she asked to see it anyway. Apparently because I didn't get a birthday gift from them last September I could get a new free membership card, not only that but because I became a member again she gave me a free travel size body butter. 

I have to be honest, It took me awhile to find one I hadn't tried yet! 

I choose the Chocomania one, I've heard so much about it since it came out a year ago and I just don't understand why I hadn't picked it up before now :-)  Whilst in store I also tested the Dreams Unlimited fragrance and now realize, I need that baby in my perfume collection! It's a stunner :-) 

So that's everything I bought over the last week! I can't wait to start writing up some reviews for these new products :-)

Have you tried any of the new EDT's from The Body Shop? 

 I'm dying to pick up the Strawberry one that I also tried. 

Linzi, XxX

Monday, 4 March 2013

REVIEW - MUA - Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

Hullo Ladies!

I'm reviewing the MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter today and I have a lot to say about it!

Like every other blogger and their Gran I was super excited when MUA released the Undress Your Skin Range, this highlighter and the palette were the things I was most excited about so as soon as the release date came I high tailed it down to my local Superdrug in hopes that they had some in! 

Ten Minutes later I walked out of the store with my own Undress Me Too Palette (Reviewed Here) and the Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter. 

First I'm going to talk about some things I like about this highlighter. 

It looks stunning in the compact and is embossed in this expensive looking design that you see on those higher end products were all craving but at a great price - 7.5g for £3!

It also has great pigmentation and a gorgeous peachy/beige tone. 

Now onto what dislike about the product. 

This might be because of my personal skin tone (very pale and red) or type (very dry) but this highlighter just doesn't sit well on my skin, even after trying to blend it into my skin using my fingers, it  looks too unnatural on me and the pink shimmers stand out. 

From L-R - MUA Undress Your Skin - ELF Gotta Glow - Bourjois Eye Shadow in Blanc Diaphane

The MUA highlighter is more pigmented than the ELF one but not as smooth as my Bourjois one. I know the Bourjois one isn't a highlighter but It's what I use it as and hey...there's no rules to makeup! 

All in all even though I'm not 100% happy with it, I think it's one you need to try yourself to see how it looks on you. I am hoping they bring out some more of these with some different finishes and I also think it would be amazing if they brought out blushes in this size with that embossing! 

Have you tried this highlighter? 

Linzi xxx

Friday, 1 March 2013

REVIEW - Barry M Lip Paint - 153 Pink Ribbon

Hullo Ladies!

Spring is on it's way and I'm feeling the love for some brighter lipsticks!

I've been drooling over the Maybelline Vivid s collection all week but I'm a pauper at the moment and just can't afford them. So instead I searched through my whole makeup stash and found a bunch of lipsticks I've been neglecting the last couple of months. Pink Ribbon by Barry M was one of them.

I have a love hate relationship with Barry M lip paints. Sometimes their formula can be great and then other times it's down right terrible! 

Pink Ribbon has a wonderful formula though, very moisturizing and reminds me a lot like a MAC Cremesheen. 

It a lovely mid tone pink that has slight yellow tones which some people may think would not work to well with paler skin types but I have to disagree, I love it!

Now I've re-discovered this Lip Paint I'm going to be having a good look at the Barry M stand next time I'm in Superdrug :-) 

I find this to be a great transitional colour for spring, not too bright or neon but a lovely pop of colour that I've been missing these Winter months. 

Hope you have all had a great Friday! 

I've been re-reading the J R Ward Blackdagger Brotherhood series because the next book is coming out later in the month. I've been waiting four years for this book to come out so you may understand how excited I am for it! 

Linzi xxx