Monday, 11 March 2013

Testing The Hype! - Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose

Hey Ladies :-)

I'm the type of person that likes to keep four or five lip balms in her handbag, so after seeing these Nivea Lip Butters popping up on 'Favourite Post's' everywhere....I had to see what the fuss was about!

I've been using it for a few days now so I've decided to review it and tell you if I think it's worth the hype or not. 

After having a sniff of them in Superdrug I decided on the Raspberry Rose, to me it smells like strawberry Starburst's or something of the like. It's a very sweet berry scent, which I adore!

I know that some people may not like it though and apparently Nivea did too as they also brought out a few other scents and one that is unscented. 

This product, although looking very pink in the container, has no true colour pay off on the lips but if I use a liberally amount it can lighten my natural lip colour. 

I'm careful with the amount I put on though as the product is quite a heavy formula.

This lip butter lasts around an hour on me depending on food and drink consumption, which can be a downfall as I've used other lip care products that have lasted a lot longer on my lips. 

Another downfall is that I do not think It moisturizes my lips as much as my favourite lip balms. Although if you do not suffer with very dry lips like I do this may not be a problem too you.

 In the summer I doubt it will be a problem to me either! :-P

One thing I like about it is the price, at £1.49 for 16.7g of product, it's half the price of my other lip balms. 

All in all I actually quite like this product and although it isn't perfect, I have to give respect to Nivea for bringing out an inexpensive and unique lip treatment. 

I'm glad I picked up this product, it's lovely to just throw on in the day time, without having to give it much thought and I always enjoy it's gorgeous scent.....although It has made me crave some Starburst's! 

In my eyes I believe it to be worth the hype as it's inexpensive, has a good amount of product and smells wonderful.  It's definitely going in my handbag with my other lip balms!

The one thing I wish they had done was include an SPF. I think that would have made it even better in my eyes. 

Have you tried the Nivea Lip Butters?

 Do you think they are worth the hype?

Linzi xxx


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