Thursday, 28 March 2013

Eau My Giddy God - Marc Jacobs - Oh! Lola EDT

Hullo Ladies!

haven't written about a perfume in a while so I thought I might do a review on one I've been loving lately.

I've wanted a Marc Jacobs perfume for a long time now, ever since I started watching collection videos on Youtube. Everyone seemed to own either Daisy or Lola. I liked Daisy after smelling it in store and maybe someday I'll own it but after trying Lola in store I was shocked at how bad my reaction was to it. I had to go and wash it off my wrist. It made me feel ill! 

Oh! Lola was launched in 2011 but It took me a long time to try it due to the Lola fiasco

So when I finally tried it out just before Christmas I was surprised at how much I liked it. Usually when you see perfume "sequels" a lot of the time they're a similar version to the original,  it's great for me that this isn't! 

This is categorized as a Floral Fruity perfume, but It's very unique, I haven't smelt anything like it before! Even though it's been regularly called Lola's younger sister, I think it's a very sophisticated perfume for the category it's in. 

Sometimes I can be put off when someone says that a perfume is "fruity" as so many popular perfumes are these days and they all smell the same to me! It's nice to have something that you don't smell often on other people! 

The notes for this perfume are :-

Top -Wild strawberry, raspberry and pear
Middle - Cyclamen, Peony,  magnolia
Base - Vanilla, Tonka Bean and Sandalwood

To me it's a great mix of juiciness and light floral's, I don't really smell the base notes though, which I would usually be disappointed in as I love Tonka Bean and Sandalwood in my perfumes but It still works very well.

I've been wearing this a lot this month because to me it screams "Spring" I'm not the type to categorise perfumes by seasons but I just feel that this little gem shows off it's best assets this time of year! 

On me it last a good few hours and I can catch the scent every so often later in the day which is quite good for an EDT! 

I was lucky enough to receive the 50ml set for Christmas so I layer the perfume with lotion to make it last even longer :-) 

Also.....look at that gorgeous packaging! How could you not fall in love!

Have you tired this perfume? 
Love it or hate it?

Linzi xxx

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