Sunday, 25 May 2014

Collective May Haul - MAC, The Body Shop, Barry M, Sleek + More

 Hullo Ladies!

I've bought a few lovely things this May so I thought I'd show you them...

A few weeks ago I passed my theory test and as a surprise my brother took me to a MAC counter and I picked out these two lipsticks that he bought me! They had an amazing offer at the time in Debenham's, buy two or more products and get £10 off. A great Bargain!

This lipsticks I bought were Flat Out Fabulous and Lady Danger :-) 
Both are very bright matte's.

At the beginning of the month I spoilt myself in Boots and Superdrug and took advantage of some offers. 

In Boot's picked up three of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks that where in a 3 for 2 offer in the shades 18 Violine Strass, 04 Rose Tweed and 17 Rose Millesime. 

I love these lipsticks, I have 6 of them now and want more!

Also in Boot's I bought a perfume that was on offer that I'f heard lot's about. Givenchy Hot Couture EDP. The 30 ml bottle was on offer for £14 :-)  

They had 3 for 2 on Barry M in Superdrug so I picked up three of the Hi Shine Gelly Nail Polishes. Guava, Pomegranate and Sugar Apple.

A few days later I picked up three more of the Barry M polishes ( I have a problem) 

I picked up the colours Damson, Blueberry and Prickly Pear. 

Last week I took advantage of the 40% off sale at The Body Shop and ordered a few things online.

I picked up some more of my favourite skin care line. 

The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash, the Cool and Creamy Wash and the Skin Clearing Toner. 

I also picked up a few Hair products, my favourite Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo (amazing for sensitive scalps) and the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner which smells amazing! 

I picked up two new shower gels, the Raspberry one and the Chocomania one. Both smell gorgeous and are great for bubble baths! 

I love the Born Lippy Lip Balms too so I picked up another tub of my favourite Satsuma Shimmer lip balms and one I hadn't tried before, the Watermelon lip balm. I think the Watermelon is now my new favourite! 

Last but not least I picked up two products from the Vineyard Peach line. 

The Vineyard Peach Shower Gel and the Vineyard Peach Body Mist. 

I can't stop using the body mist. It smells so yummy :-) 

I visited Boot's again this week and at the counter they had a basket full of lippy's. All of them where £1 each so I obviously had to pick up at least a few :-)

I picked up two Maybelline Lipsticks and one Loreal Lipgloss. 

I also picked up a new hair dye from Live Color XXL and a Toni & Guy Hair Mask.

By chance I looked on the Sleek website a few weeks back and noticed they had a small sale going on. I picked up this Blush By 3 palette up for £4.99! 

It's the Flame palette which I've wanted for awhile now :-) 

I just looked and the sale is still going on right now so I suggest you go take a look if your interested.

So that's everything I've bought this month! I didn't realize how much it was but at least I got a few Bargains :-) 

What have you bought recently? Found any great bargains? 

Linzi xxx

Monday, 19 May 2014

REVIEW - Enrapture - Encode Totem Styler

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I'm talking about a curling tong today :-) It's the Enrapture Totem Styler that I've heard so much about!

Since I've grown my hair out I've loved curling it and for over a year I was using my trusty Remington Pearl curling wand which I adored but I was still very jealous of all these girls with stunning hair on the interweb that were using the Enrapture curling tongs. 

I had been looking around for them for months and thought I was going to be spending about £50 on them for sure but by chance one morning after seeing them on Instagram I checked how much they were going for on Amazon and unbelievably they were selling for just £21.

Using Amazon Prime they were with my just a day later and I've used them every time I've curled my hair since. 

I couldn't believe my luck when It got to my door. It was so professional looking and beautiful with it's titanium plating! As soon as I found spare time that day I started practicing. 

The Totem Styler has a dial so you can choose how hot you want each section of the barrel to be to create all different type of curls. It has three individual heat sections so for example you could use a high heat on all three to create long lasting tight curls or a low heat to create loose waves. You can mix and match to your hearts content. 

For a night out a few weeks ago I decided to create sexy vintage waves so I put the dials on 3 -3 - 3 and curled my hair towards my face and brushed my hair out once it had cooled down. 

For a shopping trip last month I curled my hair messily the night before with the dial turned to 3-2-2 and just brushed it through the morning after! The curls lasted all day :-) 

I recently got my hair cut and I tried out how my hair would look curly with my new fringe :-) I put the dial to 1 - 2 - 3 and just ran my finger through it instead of brushing them out!

Included with the styler is a heatproof case, a glove and a manual. 

As you can see I'm pretty much in love with this hair styler and I really recommend it to anyone looking for a curling tong. 

I just had a look on Amazon and it still on a great offer so I highly suggest you look "here" first before anywhere else :-) 

Have you tried any of the Enrapture Styling Tools?

 What is your favourite curling tong if you use one? 

Linzi xxx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

REVIEW - Sleek - I-Candy Palette

Hullo Ladies!
Another Sleek review today :-) 

This one is about the I-Candy Eye Shadow Palette!

I remember seeing this when it first came out and although I thought it was beautiful I was slightly scared of all those bright colours. Recently though I've been experimenting with colour and decided to get it. 

This palette was released last Summer and although it's stated as Limited Edition, it is still on their website and on Amazon :-) 

Also in the collection is the Blush By 3 palette which I also own and love and a Pout Paint in a gorgeous pink colour! 

The palette contains a good mixture of both shimmer and mattes, all are very pigmented and true to the colour in the pan. 

 Names From Left to Right - Strawberry Sherbet, Bon Bon, Parma Violet, Apple Sour, Pear Drop, Flump, Liquorice, Blue Fizzle, Aniseed, Bubble Gum, Mint Cream and Cream Soda. 

Here's a look I created using mostly the pink and purple shadows in the palette. 

After applying my primer, I put Bon Bon all over the lid and up into the crease, then I took Flump and blended it into the crease. I then took Parma Violet and Liquorice in the outer 'V' to darken up the look and mixed Bon Bon and Parma violet and lined my bottom lash line. Then lastly I lined my eyes with my Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl Liner and applied my Maybelline Falsies mascara to my lashes. 

After applying a Primer, I applied Pear Drop to the first inner part of my lid, Apple Sour to the outer part. Then I applied Mint Cream to the outer 'V' to darken up the look. Then I mixed Liquorice with Pear Drop and lined my lower lash line with it. Lastly I lined my upper lash line with my Soap and Glory Smolder Kohl Liner and applied my Maybelline Falsies Mascara 

I'm really in love with this palette, I think the I-Candy palette is great for both people who love bright eye shadow colours and also for people who are wanting to experiment with colour like me :-) 

Have you tried this palette? Do you love it as much as me? :-) 

Linzi xxx

Sunday, 4 May 2014

FOTD - Summer Makeup - Sleek, TheBalm, Bourjois + More

Hullo Ladies!

Here another FOTD post, my second one ;-) 

The sun came out today and I realized that Summer is nearly here! 

No doubt were going to have to wait a while longer here in Wales but that doesn't mean I can't pretend with makeup!

On my eyes I decided to use the Nude Tude palette from TheBalm. It's one of my favourite palettes as it's amazing quality. 

I apply Stand-offish all over the lid, then I put Sultry in my crease.I mix Selfish with Seductive and apply them on my outer corner blending up into the crease. I take Sleek to darken up my outer corner and along my lower lash line. then I use Sassy as my inner corner highlight as well as the inner part of my lower lash line and my brow bone.

To finish my eyes off I line them with my Bobbi Brown Gel liner and apply my Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara to my lashes :-) 

On my brows I use my favourite Sleek Brow Kit in Dark.

For my foundation I used my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. 

For my cheeks I use the Sleek Face Form Palette in Fair. I apply the Contour very lightly, then use that gorgeous blush on the apples of my cheeks. I also take the highlighter and dab it onto my cheekbone so it catches the light. 

For my lips I take one of my favourite lip balms The Body Shops Born Lippy Lip Balm in Raspberry, then I apply my Sleek Matte Lipstick in Heartbreaker. It's a gorgeous warm toned bright pink :-) 

I'm in love with this look and have recreated it with a bright red lip for a night out and with a nude lip for a shopping trip. It's very versatile! 

So that's my FOTD :-) 

What palettes have you been loving lately?! 

Linzi xxx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Favourites 2014

Hi ladies! 

It's time for my monthly favorites post and I've loved a lot of amazing products these last few months but here's a few I really want to talk about. 

The Body Shop Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Mask - I used this product when I know my skin needs a deep clean, whether it's because I happened to sleep in my makeup after a night out or my skins is just feeling super awful. It's great for getting rid of flaky dry skin and gives me a super soft face! 

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark - I never really paid much attention to my brows, about a year ago I bought an MUA eyebrow pencil but never really liked it. Recently though I've decided that like filling in my brows and started using some eye shadow to do it. That then got me interested in brow products and after reading reviews after reviews I settled on the Sleek Brow Kit, as soon as I first tried it I knew It was love! I use it now in nearly every makeup look, whether its a dramatic brow or a more natural brow. Either way I love them :-) I definitely recommend this product!  

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eye Shadow Brush - This isn't my first Urban Decay Brush, I enjoy using the one I received with the Naked 1 palette but I really love this one in particular. I use it for both eye shadow and concealer. On one end you have a blending brush and on the other end you have a more smaller brush to use for precise application. 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - I've been using this foundation for awhile now, this is my second bottle. I love it because it's great for my dry skin, gives a lovely healthy look and a medium coverage depending on how you apply it. It's also a great colour match for me as it has a good colour range. 

Maybelline Falsies Mascara - For years I've used the Maybelline Colossal Mascara off and on, but I always heard how great the Falsies one was and when I got the chance to pick it up last month I did. I really love it, It's great. I still love the Colossal but for now I think I'll stick to this one. It's great for building up both volume and length. 

Rimmel Apocalips - Right now I only have the shades Nova and Big Bang but I'm hoping to get more :-) I absolutely adore these lip lacquers. They're so pigmented and smooth to go on. Big Bang is my favourite to use when I fancy a bright lip. I definitely suggest it to any red lipstick lovers out there. 

Roberto Cavalli EDP - I've loved this perfume since the moment I smelt it in store when It was released. It smells amazing and if you like white floral and/or oriental fragrances then I suggest trying this one out. 

So those are my favorites for this month! What were yours? 

Linzi xxx