Monday, 24 November 2014

My Top Festive Films To Get You Ready For Christmas


It's still November but I'm already watching Christmas Movies. I have so many I love so I'm going to talk about a few that will definitely put you in the mood for Christmas if you're feeling rather Scrooge-ish! 

First up is Home Alone.

A classic that never fails to please. My brother and I can literally quote it word for word when we watch it now because we've seen it so many times! 

Next is ELF :-)

You can't go wrong with a Will Farrell movie! 

I adore this film, it's centered around "Buddy The Elf" a human adopted by elves, who decides to find his biological father who to his horror happens to be on the Naughty List!!!

The Grinch 

I could literally watch this movie all year round and not care if my family thought I was insane! Jim Carrey is amazing in this film. If you haven't seen it yet then make sure you do this Christmas!

I also suggest reading the book, young and old are able to appreciate the genius that is Dr Seuss :-) 

The Muppets Christmas Carol

Another film that's part of my families Christmas traditions! 

My brother and I make sure to sit down and watch this one at least once in the month of December...shhhh...don't tell him but I may have already watched it once or twice already this year!

So those are my top Christmas movie picks that are definitely going to get you ready for the big day 

What's your favourite Christmas Movie? 

Linzi xxx

*All Images Taken From Google (I'm not smart enough to make them myself haha)*

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas Wishlist 2014

Hullo Ladies!

That time of year again is fast approaching and these last few weeks I've been thinking about what I want for Christmas :-)

Topshop Lip & Cheek Set

I've been dying to try the Topshop Makeup Range but I've never had the chance, I went onto the website the other day having a little browse and noticed that they had brought out these cute little Lip & Cheek sets that I think would be perfect for someone like me who hasnt tried anything from the range yet :-) 

Soap & Glory Gloss Crayons Gift Set

I wanted to pick up last years version of this set but never managed it! I later bought Nudest on a three for two offer and fell in love so I'm hoping to finally get the set this year!  

Starbucks Festive Mug

I love a good Christmas Mug to drink my Hot Chocolate in and I adore this Starbucks Design! 

Soap & Glory Kohl Set

Soap and Glory have upped their game this year with the makeup sets and I'm dying to try out their eyeliners so this gift set would be a perfect way to do just that!

LUSH Christmas Bathtime Favourites Set

You may not know this but lately I've become obsessed with LUSH and this Gift Set looks so blinking amazing!!! I'm dying to have it!

Snowman Jumper

You have to have a good Christmas Jumper this time of year and this one from ASDA is so cute! 

Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box-O-Blushes Set

I think I'll cry if I don't get this amazing set this year. I've always wanted to try the Benefit Blushes but I just find them way too expensive! This set contains a whole bunch of them for a great price! I'm determined that it will be mine :-)  

Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set

Every year I ask for a perfume set and this year I'm dying to try the original Daisy EDT :-) 

 Yankee Candle

Every time I walk into a shop that sells Yankee Candles I spend a good 30 minutes smelling them all but always walk away because of the price tag! This year I'm putting one on my wishlist ;-)

So those are the goodies that I'm wishing for this Christmas!
What have you got your eye on?

Linzi xxx

Saturday, 8 November 2014

REVIEW - LUSH - Cinders Bath Bomb

Hullo Ladies!

Continuing with my LUSH reviews I'm going to talk about Cinders, which was in fact my first LUSH Purchase about two years ago. 

Cinders is a spicy scented bath bomb which has popping candy inside it.

It's a smaller bath bomb but packs a punch scent wise. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to smell the gorgeous spiciness once the bomb had gone into the bath but I could smell it for hours afterwards which is great :-) 

This bath bomb is from the Christmas Collection and will cost you £2.50 

The only thing that may put a downer on your bath is that it obviously turns your water a yellow colour!

I can look over that small fact though and highly recommend this gorgeous ball of goodness. 

I recently became fascinated in creating bath cocktails and I think that some gorgeous Hot Toddy Shower Gel and some Yog Nog soap would go stunningly with this bath bomb! 

Have you tried this one?

What do you think of it?

Linzi xxx