Friday, 30 March 2012

REVIEW - Soap and Glorys The Daily Smooth Body Butter

Hello Ladies,

The Soap and Glorys Daily Smooth is a light, fluffy and great smelling moisturizer, that is perfect for dry skin without being greasy. Its made with  rosehip seed oil and cocoa butter but also has the Mist You Madly scent, which is one of Soap and Glorys body sprays.

I have been using it for around two months now and Im starting to run out as it's only 250ml, it would be nice if they made a bigger size for those of us that can't live without it. Its priced at £8.50 at both and

On the soap and glory website they give you instruction saying  "Divide a small plum-sized splodge between your shins, knees, thighs, elbows, tops of toes and then everywhere else. Massage around until it all starts to sink in."

Boots have a great  "3 for 2"  offer on at the moment, which I have been taken advantage of for all my skincare needs :)

Do you have a favorite moisturizer rght now?

Thanks, Linzi xx

REVIEW - The Body Shop Coconut Range

Hello Ladies,

This is a small coconut set from the Body Shop, Included in it was a 50ml body butter, a 50ml body scrub, a 60ml shower cream, a white bath lilly and a small bag. It's perfect to give someone for a gift or just to try out the range.
 Months ago I was shopping online trying to find something to buy for my friends birthday when I found these cute little sets on The Body Shops website. They were relativly cheap and I picked the strawberry range for her and bought the coconut for me as I had heard a lot about it on the web and wanted to give it a try.
I didn't like it when I first bought it, being in the dead of winter I just wasn't fussed but these last few days the sun has been out and I find myself reaching for this set more and more.

This is the body scrub and it has a thick creamy consistancy with tiny bits of coconut shell to exfoliate your skin. It leaves a lovely scent  after its used and leaves your skin  nice and smooth.  The Body Shop says to use it 2 - 3 times a week.  I find this to be a really good scrub for dry skin.

This is a creamy moisturizer for normal to dry skin, the scent is amazing and lasts for a long time. It's very exotic smelling and great for the summer. As soon as the sun came out I fell in love with it. I am definitely going to buy the bigger tub when I run out.

As my shower is as of last month out of order :( *you would swear I didn't live with two plumbers* I've been using this in the bath and it's great. It gives a good lather and gives my bathroom a nice "holiday in the sun" feeling. Just after I bought this I went to cardiff christmas shopping and they had a sale on their shower gels so I picked up a bigger size of this and have nearly run out i'm using it so much.

So what is your favorite Body Shop product?

Thanks, Linzi xx

Thursday, 29 March 2012

REVIEW - Nails Inc 3 Piece Black Crackle Collection

 Hello Ladies,

                      This is a review of a set of Nails Inc nail polishes I bough from QVC last year. Its a crackle set, with two normal colours and a crackle colour.

This is a lovely set that can be worn for either a special occasion or casual wear.

"Old Queen Street"
This is a lovely colour to wear on your own if your brave, for me it's quite hard to pull off and due to my shaky hands It ends up going everywhere.
I love the way the black crackle looks with this colour. It's quite elegent and can be used for both a night out or everyday wear.

"Cambridge Terrace"
 I love this colour, it's one of my favorites out of my whole nail polish collection. Recently I have worn it on just two nails and put a lovely bright pink on the remaining nails. 

Sorry for the chipped nails, I took the picture just before I repainted my nails instead of after :(

"Camden Crackle Topcoat"

This is a great crackle that looks amazing on all the colours I've painted it over. It dries down matt but if you want it glossy just add a top coat. This is the only crackle polish I have tried. I might pick up the Barry M ones or the Models Own to see if there is any difference.

Nails Inc polishes can be quite expensive but I really want some then I buy from QVC so you get more for your money :)

What crackles do you like to use and what colours to you put with them?

Thanks, Linzi xx

REVIEW - GOSH Haute Precision Mascara

Hello Ladies,

I received a GOSH set for Christmas from my auntie and this was the mascara that was included.

It's my favorite mascara for lengthening my lashes. Usually I wear it on its own but If  i'm going out for the night or going to a special occasion and I want more volume then I add Soap and Glorys Thick and Fast over it.

Its a thin and long brush with spirals.

My eye lashes before I put on the mascara.

After I put on the mascara.

I love GOSH, everything I have bought from them Is great quality and has a good price. I love that superdrug also includes them in some of their "3 for 2" offers which seem to be happening a lot lately. I want to try their nail polishes next, they look lovely!  :)

                                                                  Thanks, Linzi xx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lip Care Collection

Hiya Girls!

        I have very dry lips and when I'm nervous I sometimes bite them so they can get into quite bad condition. So lately I have been collection lip care products and my lips have been much better.

"Strawberries and Milkshake" glossy lip balm from I Love... Smells like they advertise and are very inexpensive whilst also being hydrating.

"Lemons and Limes" glossy lip balm from I Love...Smells like they advertise and are very inexpensive whilst also being hydrating.

 Born Lippy Lip Balm From The Body Shop in "Strawberry" smells like real strawberrys and gives a lot of hydration.

"Sweet Lemon" Lip Butter from The Body Shop. Melts on to lips and gives great hydration.

 Born Lippy Lip Balm From The Body Shop in "Mango and Peach" My Favorite smelling lip balm

Born Lippy Stick tinted Lip Balm from The Body Shop In "Plum" gives a dark tint to your lips and moisturizes well.

Born Lippy Stick tinted Lip Balm from The Body Shop In "Pomegrante" Smells devide and a great moisturizing balm.

Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm in "Cherry" Taste and smells like cherry cough sweets.  It's a great product for soothing the lips and I like to put it on before I go to bed so when I wake up I have lovely lips  :)

Superbalm Moisturizing gloss from Clinique in "Grapefruit" I had this free in a magazine a few weeks a go and It's a very thick gloss thats extreamly hydrating and lasts on my lips for a very long time.

Lip care products I would like to try are;
  •   Burt's Bees Lip Balm
  •   Eos Smooth Lip Balm
  •   LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm
  •   LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Have you tried any of these?
Which is your favorite Lip Care product?

Thanks, Linzi xx

REVIEW - Balm Shelter Tinted Gloss by The Balm

Hello Ladies,

I bought this Lip gloss from Tkmaxx back last year and I love it.

It's a very moisturizing lip gloss and is a lush sheer coral colour that is great for the summer.

The colour is in "Girly Girl" and has tiny shimmers running through it.

It also has SPF 17

I love the colour on my lips and the smell is amazing, just like banana's and strawberry's, It has a tartness that smells more real than most of the fruit scented products that are out there. This is the only thing I have from The balm but if I see anything by them In Tkmaxx then I definitely will be picking them up :)

Thanks, Linzi xx

Small Haul : NYC Nail Polishes (NOTD)

Hello Everyone!

I went to Superdrug this morning to get some Nail Polish Remover because I had run out, when I noticed that NYC and many over brands where having a "3 for 2" offer on.

 I have never bought any NYC products before but have heard good things about them so I decided to give them a try and I'm glad I choose their nail polishes. They were so eye catching I couldn't look away from them!

This is "Light -Camera - Glitter" and It has tiny silver sparkles and chunks of blue and pink glitter.

I have never bought a polish like this before, for fear that they would feel too strange on my nails and I would get annoyed but Im wearing it right now over another colour and I find it very smooth.

"Gramercy Glitz" a pinkish -clear colour with multi-colour fine glitter.

This is a beautiful colour on its own but I also tried it over a gold colour and I loved it. Makes you average, everyday colours so much more interesting :)

"Ink Stain"

This is a amazing colour that I find is gorgeous on it's own but amazing for a night out or music concert when you add "Light -Camera - Glitter" on top. This is what I'm wearing right now and I think It's going to be what I'm wearing on my night out this weekend!

Sorry about the messy application, I havn't got a very steady hand. So because of the offer I had three beautiful nail polishes for just under £5!

Thanks, Linzi xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

REVIEW - The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub

Hello Ladies,
     This is a review for The Body Shops Mango Body Scrub for very dry skin.  I have had this scrub for a few months now, It's part of The Body Shops permenant range and is £12.50 at full price.

      It has Mango seed oil, Community Fair Trade soya oil and Organic sugar. The Body Shop website advises you to use it 2 - 3 times a week which I agree with. I find It very exfoliating and moisturising and the best scrub I have used so far for my dry skin.

     If you are like me and love things that smell fruity then you should love this. It smells like real mango's, not the synthetic kind you get in most products but ripe juicy mangos! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it :)

     The mango range is one of my favorite scents from The Body Shop right after Satsuma and Shea. I don't think It's a real girly scent and Is quite unisex so it could be used by the whole family.


Thanks, Linzi xx

Monday, 26 March 2012

REVIEW - Sanctuary Daily Spa Escape Body Scrub

Hello Everyone,
                            I've been using this body scrub for some time now. Its a very gentle scrub that I use for daily use. I have a weekly scrub (Soap and Glory's Flake Away) which I find a lot more exfoliating.

The smell is nice and very spa like but I thought I would smell more citrus notes in it as it has Orange oil but sadly I don't. Its gel based and very thin.

I have had some Sanctuary products which I have adored but this is not one of them, I've been using it every day to use it up because I hate wasting products but I won't be repurchasing. I find It an average Body Scrub with average results.

Thanks, Linzi xx

REVIEW - Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Lip gloss

Hello Ladies,

The sun is out today and after spending a day of shopping and then cleaning I thought I would do a few blog posts. This is a review on a lip gloss I had in a Soap and Glory set my mam got me for Christmas. I love the names Of Soap and glory products and have been growing a small collection of products from them since last year. Their Body Moisturisers are amazing and smell so good!

This Lip gloss is called Candy Gloss,  It apparently has lip plumping spheres and volume boosting technology.

This is a sticky lip gloss that has a funny tingling feeling on the lips and I don't know If my lips are maybe too sensitive for it but after around five minutes I have to take It off because I hate the feeling. I have read some other reviews and it seems that some people like the feeling and others don't so it's best off to try it for yourself. On the Boots Website they are £9 each. A bit expensive for a drugstore lip gloss but Soap and Glory products seem to always be included in Boots' 3 for 2 offers, so best to buy then.
It's a shame I can't wear this for longer, I really like the shine and shimmers it gives with out being too in your face like some other brands. I guess the search for the perfect lip gloss is still on :(

                                                                     Thanks, Linzi xx

The Body Shop Sale and Shopping Haul

Hey Everyone,

                        The last week the body Shop has been having a big sale on and I took advantage of it :)  Here are the things I got from it and some of the things I got this morning whilst shopping!

All this came to just over £15 in the sale :) Yay!

I got the Papaya Body Butter for just £3

It's for Normal Skin and smells devine.

Jolly Orange Shower Gel

A spicey Orange scent

£2 in Sale

 Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour

In Sheer Watermelon

A nice, light coral colour.

The new Born Lippy stick lip balm In Pomegranate

Born Lippy lip balm in Plum

These were not in the sale but I had a 40% off voucher code so I picked up these two to try.

The Love ETC Perfume Set

£6 with the sale and the 40% of voucher code.

Smells lovely so far, will have to do a small review in a few weeks :)

This is Bomb Cosmetics White Chocolate and their Go Mango Soap.
I have purchased their Go Mango Soap before and its a lovely soap for anyone who loves fruity scents in their bath or shower :)

In one of the local shops in my town you can buy Bomb Cosmetics, I've been using them for a while now, buying soap and bath bombs but recently I have taken an Interest in their scented candles.

For all you Chocoholics out there its a must have. I can't stop smelling it. :P

So thats it, hope you liked it.
Thanks, Linzi xx