Monday, 26 March 2012

The Body Shop Sale and Shopping Haul

Hey Everyone,

                        The last week the body Shop has been having a big sale on and I took advantage of it :)  Here are the things I got from it and some of the things I got this morning whilst shopping!

All this came to just over £15 in the sale :) Yay!

I got the Papaya Body Butter for just £3

It's for Normal Skin and smells devine.

Jolly Orange Shower Gel

A spicey Orange scent

£2 in Sale

 Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour

In Sheer Watermelon

A nice, light coral colour.

The new Born Lippy stick lip balm In Pomegranate

Born Lippy lip balm in Plum

These were not in the sale but I had a 40% off voucher code so I picked up these two to try.

The Love ETC Perfume Set

£6 with the sale and the 40% of voucher code.

Smells lovely so far, will have to do a small review in a few weeks :)

This is Bomb Cosmetics White Chocolate and their Go Mango Soap.
I have purchased their Go Mango Soap before and its a lovely soap for anyone who loves fruity scents in their bath or shower :)

In one of the local shops in my town you can buy Bomb Cosmetics, I've been using them for a while now, buying soap and bath bombs but recently I have taken an Interest in their scented candles.

For all you Chocoholics out there its a must have. I can't stop smelling it. :P

So thats it, hope you liked it.
Thanks, Linzi xx

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