Thursday, 22 March 2012

Laura Geller 5 Piece Bake Sale Beauty Collection

Laura Gellers Bake Sale Set

Hey Everyone,

Laura Geller was one of the first brands I started using back last year when I started to get interested in make up. My Nan had been using her products for years through QVC so I decided to give her a go. I recieved My first Laura Geller products for christmas that year and I was amazed, The holy Grail product for me was her Balance and Brighten, Its a foundation that is made in Italy and It just makes your make up look so smooth and natural. Although back then her lightest foundation was in Fair and whilst good in the summer didn't quite match my skin colour in the winter. Then recently I heard she had brought out a new shade in Porcelain so I decided to buy some more of her products and this is the set I bought.  

What you get :

Spackle Tinted Primer in Champagne (59g)

Spakle is a very popular product from the Laura Geller brand and I can see why. I have there normal spackle also which is just clear based and both really good primers. This is the Champagne one and I dont think you can see it but it has tiny golden shimmers that give your skin just enough glow without looking like you have stuck glitter chunks to your face.

  Balance-n-Brighten - available in Porcelain, Fair, Medium or Tan (9g) - 

In Porcelain

This is a great foundation but sometimes I don't find it gives me enough coverage so I do like to use a different foundation and then use this like a finishing powder. I love how natural this makes my skin look.

           Baked Eye Pie Shadow Trio in Birthday Cake (7.5g)

In  Chocolate, Mocha and Creamy Strawberry

This is a great trio of colours, they can be quite subtle if you want them to be by using them dry or if you want a stronger look, use them wet. That's what is great about the Laura Geller products, they where first a mouse and can be used both wet or dry without ruining the products.

           Blush-n-Brighten Baked Cheek Colour in Pink Buttercream (9g) -

In Pink Buttercream

This colour is lovely but it is a bit to dark for my pale skin so when I do use it, it is with a very light hand.

           Italian Marble Lipstick in Strawberry Toffee (3.4g)

In Strawberry Toffee

This is a lovely lipstick, it's so smoth and hydrating. A very nice everyday pink colour.

So thats The Bake Sale set, I think Its lovely, the products are all in great sizes and you get a lot if quality make up for your pennies. :)

Thanks, Linzi xx


  1. What a lovely set. the cheek colour looks really nice x

  2. It is really nice, loads of gold shimmer to give you a glow :)