Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Boots Haul

My recent Boots Haul

Hey Everyone,

The first thing I picked up on my trip to Boots last week was the Harajuku Lovers "Love" Perfume. I have been wearing it all week, It's a lot like my other HL perfume in "Music" but a little bit more floral I find. This was on offer in boots for just £10 and I really like it so far :)

Then I noticed that they had a "3 for 2" offer on thousands of lines so I had a look around and picked up The Soap and Glory - The Righteous Butter Body Lotion, I needed a new one because my last bottle of it ran out about a month ago and I've been missing it. It's probably one of my favorite moisturizer because it gives you a heck load of moisture but no grease and sinks into your skin very quickly. Also smells real good. Yay!

Next I bought the Mango and Papaya Shower gel. I havn't used this yet but it smells amazing and you can't go wrong for just £2.

I've seen a lot of people with the Natural Collection body Spray so I thought I'd check them out and the Mango and Papaya one is my favorite out of the lot. It's extreamly fruity and fresh and I find it lasts a good amount of time on skin and clothes. 

 So thats my haul. I better stop shopping  soon, I'm saving up for a new Laptop, perferbly one thats Blue :)

Thanks, Linzi x


  1. Nice blog:) I have never been to boots because we do not have one here:(


  2. Nice haul - I like the look of the body butter