Friday, 31 August 2012

Review - N-SPA Body Scrub - Apple Mint Crush

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging a lot these last few days but I've been real busy decorating my bedroom the last week, I'm hoping that its going to be done soon! 

So onto the review!

I bought this lovely body scrub from Asda's a few months back for just 50p!

Sadly I think they have discontinued it, either that or my local Asda just isn't stocking it for some reason :-( 

N-spa is a great inexpensive company that sell some amazing products that are great quality but also SMELL AMAZING!! 

This has a strong but fresh minty scent, that makes me feel extra clean when I use it. I don't smell a lot of "apple" to it but I don't mind as it smells great the way it is! 

I'll has a creamy formula will little beads for exfoliation which would be great for everyday use as it's not too rough on the skin, it's a very gentle scrub. 

I hope my Asda bring this back soon as I'm dreading running out.

I would suggest you go take a look at N-SPA at some point, I love a lot of their products and they are great for times when you cant afford to spend around £8- £12 on a body scrub :-) 

Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Linzi xxx

The Black Pearl's 2000 Follower Giveaway!

Hullo Gorgeous Ladies!

Just want to let you know that the amazing Sandra from The Black Pearl is doing a 2000 follower giveaway!!

What a milestone!!

She has the most amazing blog so go follow her and enter for your chance to win some amazing prizes!!

Here is the link :-) 

Good Luck Everyone!

Linzi xxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lip Combo - With MAC, No 7 and The Body Shop

Hullo Ladies!

Hope you all had a great Bank Holiday! Mine was very quite but relaxing :-) 

Today I'm wearing one of my favourite lip combinations. 

I use these three products with each other to create a lovely plum/pink lip.

First I start with bare lips. 

Then I line my lips with this gorgeous No 7 Perfect Lips Pencil in Plum.

This is quite a dark plum colour and is very creamy and pigmented.

 I buy these when they give out the £5 off vouchers as they are usually £7.50. Although right at this moment on the website they are half price :-) 

Next I use my MAC Matte lipstick in Please Me.

On the website they call this a Muted Rosey Tinted Pink which for once is correct. 

I love this lipstick and find it very creamy for a matte lipstick :-) Sadly it still shows up those problem ares on my lips, especially when its been on for some time. 

Then because of the problem areas on my lips I like to put a lip balm on top.

Any lip balm would do but I'm in love with this Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm at the moment, the scent is fantastic, makes my mouth water :-) 

I've been creating this combo for a long time now, the colour lasts forever on the lips. 

I like to reapply every so often though just to keep it fresh. 

How about you? Do you have a favourite lip combo??

Linzi xxx

Monday, 27 August 2012

REVIEW - The Body Shop - Sweet Lemon Body Butter

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

So If any of you read my blog on a regular basis you may know that I'm in love with The Body Shop Body Butters.

Today I'm going to review the first Body Butter I bought. 

At the time I really researched into what body butters and scrubs people loved most and a favourite scrub that everyone seemed to be talking about was the Sweet Lemon.

 I went online to order it but they had sold out, but by that time I was really excited to try out the scent so I ordered to Body Butter instead. 

As soon as It got here I tried it out, I liked it fine but it was a bit bitter for my taste, I wouldn't say it was "sweet" at all. 

That doesn't mean that it is not a great body butter though, I found my dry skin improved greatly after a few days use. 

It's one of their thicker butters but sinks right into your skin. 

It's for Normal to Dry skin and I find it very beneficial to those pesky dry areas like my arms and elbows. 

Back to the scent I find it to be quite powerful especially if your slathering it all over your body.

I didn't mind all too much but I received a few remarks from family members about it and realized that some people just don't like the smell of lemons, so I wouldn't pick this up if your frightened about wearing fragrances that might offend people, go for something like the Shea butter instead :-) 

Not long after I bought this I purchased some more Body Butters and forgot all about this product. Keeping it at the bottom of my Skin Care box. 

I didn't think I would be using it again and was about to give it away when I got ill. 

I had the winter flu and couldn't smell anything without feeling sick for at least a week.

 This felt even more horrendous because the week before was a Body Butter sale and I had purchased five of them! I couldn't even look at them when they got here without feeling ill. 

Surprisingly the Sweet Lemon Butter was the only scent I could handle and even made me feel better, lemons are often used to control nausea and I found this to work wonders.

So I keep this around for the days where I'm craving something a bit sharper and feeling unwell. Its strange but it works. :-)  

Will I purchase this again? Hmm...If it was in a amazing sale...yeah ...but I can't imagine going through the tub I have now any time soon :-) 

I do like this body butter for hydration but I would suggest you try it out in store first, everyone reacts different to scents.

A bit of a mixed review but I like to say what I really think :-) 

So what do you think of the Sweet Lemon Body Butter? I really want to try the Scrub at some point :-) Is it any good? 

Linzi xxxx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

REVIEW - MAC - Fluidline - Rich Ground

Hullo Ladies!

I've been neglecting my usual Bobbi Brown Espresso Inc Gel Eyeliner a lot this summer because of this gorgeous product. 

This is Rich Ground From MAC and it's a Fluidline Gel Eyeliner. 

I'm pretty sure its in the permanent range.

I picked it up the same time I bought Waveline which is a blue gel eyeliner that I will also be reviewing some point soon :-) 

Rich Ground is a smooth red toned copper brown, and gives a slight metallic effect on the eye.

I find this a great alternative to wearing black or dark brown constantly, as much as I love my Bobbi Brown I only have two colours so sometimes it can get a bit boring. So In the last few weeks I've been using this for all my neutral looks.

So far I have a love/hate relationship with MAC Gel eyeliner, I have a whole different opinion between this and Waveline. So I suggest really researching about the colour your interested in before purchasing :-)

The pigmentation and formula of the gel eyeliner is amazing, Its very creamy and opaque but dries quick enough so I don't get any print marks when I guys know what I mean :-) We've all done it!

I've also used this as an all over lid colour for when creating a brown/bronze smokey eye because it's so easy to blend! 

This last's a good five hours before I feel the need to either refresh my makeup or take it off :-) 

I'm really glad I bought this eye liner and at some point I want to try Blacktrack Fluidline as it's supposed to be a great black liner :-) 

Here's a link to the UK website :-) 

Have your tried any of the fluidlines?? 

Love or hate??

Linzi xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

First Ever E.L.F Haul :-)

Hiya Ladies :-) 


It's haul time again!

This morning I was really surprised to see these lovely goodies in the post! I wasn't expecting them to get here till the end of the week, so it was a great surprise. 

You may have seen my post Monday night about the E.L.F discount code that they have right now, well these are the things I bought. I ordered them Monday and they came today! Super quick :-) 

I knew that I wanted to try the blushers and brushes so I focused on those and decided to get over things that seemed interesting to me at another time :-) 

Studio Blushers

  • Gotta Glow - £3.75
  • Berry Merry - £3.75
  • Candid Coral - £3.75
  • Pink Passion - £3.75

  • Studio Contour Brush - £3.75
  • Professional Eye Shadow Brush - £1.50
  • Profession Blending Brush - £1.50
  • Studio Blush Brush - £3.75
  • Studio Stipple Brush - £3.75

I've already tried all the brushes and I must say I understand why people buy them in duplicates because for the price they are amazing! I created a great smokey eye with the eye brushes.

I also tried out two of the blushers today, Pink passion and Gotta Glow. Pink Passion looks amazing on the apples of the cheeks and Gotta Glow is a great highlight!

They have very buildable pigmentation so you can either wear them sheer or build them up for full colour :-) 

I put up the usual prices for you but like I said I used a 30% off code that is still going on right now! I'm pretty sure it ends tomorrow morning so get your move on or you'll miss it!

 I honestly love everything I picked up, although I took time to research the products from ELF that people seemed to love, as like all brands, they have good and bad products :-) 

Here's the UK + EU website link.

Do you have some favourite ELF products?? 

Linzi xxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

REVIEW - Soap and Glory - Pulp Friction Body Scrub

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I just used up the last of my Soap and Glory body scrub so I thought I would make a review for you all :-) 

I picked this up on a 3 for 2 offer as my "free" product...I had spent so long looking at all the products that my Mam was getting agitated so I just picked it up and hoped for the best.

I like to use this on wet skin as its so creamy and lathers really well for a body scrub.

It gives great exfoliation and my skin feels very softer after I've used it :-) 

I always love the Soap and Glory packaging its just so pink and girly with great names! 

It has the fruitigo Fragrance which has notes of frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence....hmmmm.....0.o

To me it just smells goooooood :-) 

All in all I really like this for an everyday scrub, I don't know If I would pick it up if it wasn't on offer as £8 for 250ml can be quite expensive for a body scrub but on "3 for 2" you can't go wrong :-) 

 I like that its a squeeze tube which keeps it clean and tidy. It differs from most of the Soap and Glory scrubs which come in tubs, some people may not like the fact that they have to dip there hand into a tub so this product may seem more hygienic.

I used this as an all over body scrub so It ran out quite quickly...lasted me about eight weeks. 

I like to use this as my everyday scrub as its not too rough on the skin and then  use something like Soap and Glory's Flake away as a once a week scrub.

I have to say that there's a small part of me that always wants to sing Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" when I use this! If any of you have seen Pulp Fiction then you should know what I'm talking about ;-) 

Here's the Boots Link for you and they also have a "3 for 2" offer on right now!

Have you tried a Soap and Glory Body Scrub? Which is your favourite?

Linzi xxx

Monday, 20 August 2012

30% off £20 spend at E.L.F UK+EU

Hey Lovely Ladies!!

For three whole nights E.L.F UK are having a 30% off discount on the UK website!!

For some reason they have different codes for different days. 


Each time the discount only lasts from 6.00pm to 10.30am...don't know why.

Check out the facebook page for more details!

The website link is here!

I'm thinking of picking up some brushes and blushers...what about you???

Linzi xxx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

REVIEW - MUA - Pearl Eye Shadows

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I haven't posted in awhile, I've been on a bit of a downer this week but I'm determined for next week to be better :-)

I'm reviewing some MUA eye shadows today, I don't own many products from MUA although I'm slowly becoming obsessed with them!

Here are three single eye shadows from the Pearl line. 

"Shade 11"

This is a lovely taupe colour, although a lot more warm toned than is showing in the photo above.

Its the first one that caught my eye and I'm in love with it :-)

Here I've made two swatches, one showing you how it looks with a few swipes and the other one is how it looks when blended. Either way it looks gorgeous on the eye. 

"Shade 28"

This is a lovely red toned copper. 

I've used this a few times as a crease colour and I really like the effect it gives. 

Again I've swatched it in two different ways, showing you how it looks went built up and then showing how it can look blended out. 

"Shade 22"

When I first picked this colour up I thought it had a matte finish but It is in fact a pearly and if you look closely there is a slight shimmer running through it.

Its a lovely light pink that can look great for a wash of colour all over the lid or to use as a subtle highlight on the brow bone. 

I'm definitely going to be picking up more MUA products, I want to try the palettes and the Love Heart lip balms. 

Although I think I may wait for another voucher code on the website so I can do a big shop and get everything I want. Basically every palette in the collection is calling out for me to pick it up so I best do it when they are on offer! 

As you can see the pigmentation is great, for such a inexpensive product the formulation is wonderful and smooth.

I did notice some fall out with the darker colours but you get that from even the most expensive eye shadows so its not a big problem for me. 

The lasting power was also great..I didn't count the hours but it's lasted for a full days shopping trip! 

For just £1 each you can't go wrong!

Do you have a favourite MUA product??? 

Linzi xxx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shopping Haul (New Look, Peacocks and OPI Find)

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I went on a shopping trip today with my Mam and Nan. My mam doesn't get out much due to her health so me and my nan treated her to a nice meal and a new top. 

I managed to pick up a few goodies too :-) 

Looking at what was left in the sale section in Peacocks I noticed this lovely handbag, it was £10 down to £5. Its a little summery to be using in the autumn or winter but I don't really go by those rules. I like it so I'll wear it :-) I love the colour combination especially the nude straps. 

The bow is removable but I really like it, so its staying :-) For £5 you cant go wrong.

It's a good size too, which I need! I always end up putting everything but the kitchen sink in my bag :-)  

I picked up these stunning heels from the New Look sale, they were the last pair and luckily in my size. They are a bit higher than what I usually find comfortable but I just love the colour and the shape so I took the chance...they were just £6 so It wouldn't be a huge loss if they just stayed on my shoe shelf...after all I can always just stare at their gorgeousness......

Sorry for the awkward pose, I find shoes so hard to photograph!

I picked this up for just 88p from the Re-Born stand in New Look, its was 75% off and is a beautiful hair clip. 

I've been growing my hair for about a year now and a few nights ago I realized how long it had actually got. Its the longest its been in about nine years so I'm real excited in fact that I'm hoping to treat myself to a new pair of GHD straighteners for my Birthday next month! 

Ain't they cute!!

These were also 88p in the sale which is amazing! Even though the little faux diamonds have fallen out of every eye but one... I still love them. They look great even without them :-) 

My big find was these Nicole by OPI Nail polishes that I bought from...TK Maxx!!

From left to right - Nicole's Nickle, One Less Lonely Glitter and "Baby" Blue.

These were in a set for £12.99 which is a great saving.

I love the colours in this set, I picked the picture with the flash to show off all that glitter! The blue is also stunning I cant wait to try them all out :-) 

Two of the polishes have tags on them with Justin Bieber's face on it...I'm guessing they are from his collection?? I can forgive that though as they are so gorgeous!

Hope you have all had a great day!!

Linzi xxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Collection Post : The Blushers ;-)

Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

So today I wanted to write another Collection Post and decided on Blusher. 

I haven't been wearing blush for long because I've always had high pigmentation in my cheeks already and I was scared that I would make it worse but I've since learnt what works for me and have picked up a few blushers in the last year and I wanted to show them off to you all ;-) 

MUA - Shade 4

This is a Blush that I won in a giveaway a few months back, its a gorgeous, bright coral that can be a bit frightening for us pale girls but if you use a light hand it looks gorgeous. I was so amazed at how pigmented and smooth it is for the price. I've been waiting for my local Superdrug to stock up so I can buy some more :-)

Bourjois -  Rose De Jaspe

This is a very sheer blush, great for those days when you just want a simple wash of colour on your cheeks. I picked this up in TK Maxx in a set with a lip gloss and nail polish. I was so excited as I've always wanted to try a Bourjois Blusher but they can be quite pricey.  This is a great starter blush for girls like me who are scared to try a bright blush. 

Laura Geller - Blush 'N Brighten - Ethereal Rose and Sateen Subtle Berry

This was my first ever blusher which came in a Laura Geller QVC set, its a beautiful blusher that gives you the choice to either wear one on there own or to mix both together. In the swatch below I mixed them together, although they are both very pretty on there own. Ethereal Rose is a light pink with lovely pink glitter running through it and the Sateen Subtle Berry is a lovely deep berry with shimmer.  

Laura Geller - Blush 'N Brighten - Pink Buttercream

This is another blusher that I bought in a set from QVC, it's a gorgeous berry pink with an apricot gold shimmer running though it. Simply gorgeous. It's very pigmented so I like to use a light hand when applying. 

You can still get the Set that I bought from QVCUK and here is the link

MAC- Mocha

This is a blush that came in a lovely set last Christmas. I'm in love with this blush, it gives you that to die for "just came in from the cold" look. It has great pigmentation and goes on very smooth. I can't wait to try some more MAC blushers! 

"From L - R - MUA - Shade 4, Bourjois - Rode De Jaspe, Laura Geller - Ethereal Rose & Sateen Subtle Berry Duo, Laura Geller - Pink Buttercream and MAC - Mocha." 

So they are all the Blushers I own, I really want to get some more. Especially some E.L.F Studio blushers, they look really nice :-) 

Do you have a favourite blush?? 

Linzi xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

New Makeup Haul

 Hullo Ladies!

I've really been needing to pick up a few makeup essentials this week so me and my mam popped down to Superdrug. 

I wanted a new foundation as my GOSH one is running low and I wanted more mascara as I threw out most of my old ones.

I've been meaning to purchase some products from MUA for some time now but my store hasn't got much of a selection, I managed to pick up these lovely eye shadows and a black eyeliner. 

I was really happy to see the great quality of these products, as soon as I came home I used them on my mam as she was going to a BBQ and she looked amazing. 

The three eye shadows look gorgeous together as a smokey eye :-)

In my Superdrug at the moment everything on the Collection 2000 stand is £4 or less. 

I've heard some great things about the Lasting Perfection Concealer so I picked it up and also picked up the lasting Perfection foundation. 

The foundation is a bit too dark for me but I can work with it. I've tried it already and I love the coverage, though it may be too drying for my skin. 

Then I picked up the Multiplier Mascara but its for my mam more than me as I have to keep an eye on her mascaras because she's rubbish at throwing them out after a few months...which really bugs me :-P

Now this mascara is for me! Yay! 

I've been wanting to try a Bourjois Mascara for ages but the price always stopped me but at the moment some of the products are on a sale and this Volume Fast and Perfect Mascara was down to £5.99. 

It's a rotating one which kind of freaked my mam out when I showed her....but oh well. 

So that's my makeup haul, I couldn't wait to try everything on when I came home. 

So have you tried this Bourjois Mascara? Love it or Hate it??

Linzi xxx