Sunday, 5 August 2012

REVIEW + Swatches of Urban Decay's Naked Palette

Hullo Lovely ladies!

It's a big post today :-) Lots of pictures for you! You've been warned ;-)

Urban Decay's Naked Palette was one of the first "High End" products I had ever bought, It was so raved about online that I was desperate to get my hands on it. I was finally able to purchase it around this time last year and I've I worn atleast one shade everyday since. 

It's a very adaptable palette, I'm able to make a lot of different looks with it, whether I want a dramatic smokey eye or just a casual everyday look. 

Urban Decay are really great at making beautiful, unique and pigmented eye shadows. 

Yes like most brands they have their faults, mainly that some very similar shadows are re-released with different names and some have way to much glitter for anyone to pull off but I can honestly say that I wont be looking back, this palette will no doubt stay by my side for a long time. 

Last summer when I went to Spain for a family holiday and for my eye makeup I only used this palette and for the whole two weeks there I never repeated my look! 

One of the things I dislike about this palette though is the packaging. It's made out of some type of velvet material so everything sticks to it! Which can make it look dirty easily. Also the embossing isn't that great, the day I got it some of the "N" started to disappear. It just makes it seem like they shirked on the quality of the packaging but as long as they didn't on the actual products inside then I'm not too bothered.

Urban Decay seem to have noticed the flaws and the recent release " Naked 2" has a different design, its made out of metal instead which must make it a lot easier to keep clean.

Onto the shadows

"From L - R - Virgin, Sin and Naked"

Virgin - A pale shimmery nude, great for highlighting the brow bone.
Sin - A Pink Champagne. One of my favourites from the palette as you can see I've used a lot of it :-)
Naked - Matte Light beige. I like to use it in the crease if I have a lot of shimmer on my lid. 

"From L - R - Sidecar, Buck and Half Baked."

Sidecar - Shimmered bronze with pink undertone, very pretty but is my least used as it has a lot of chunky glitter.
Buck - Dark Matte Brown.
Half Baked - Lovely bright gold, very smooth and pigmented. 

"From L - R - Smog, Darkhorse and Toasted"

Smog -  Dark bronze with golden shimmer.
Darkhorse - Chocolate brown with shimmer, a lot more sheer than the rest of the shadows. 
Toasted - Pink taupe with shimmer, very pretty on the eye. 

"From L - R - Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal."

Hustle - Brown shimmer with purple undertone.
Creep - Sheer black with silver and blue glitter.
Gunmetal - Grey with a almost duo chrome blue undertone and silver glitter. Very pretty but just like Sidecar has chunky glitter. 

All in all this is pretty much my favourite palette, especially when you think about how each urban decay eye shadows are priced at £14 each and your getting twelve full sized shadows here for just £36. 

Though I don't think I will be purchasing the Naked 2 palette as it seems to be very similar and I already have some of the shades.

My most used colours from the palette are - Virgin, Sin, Naked, Smog, Darkhorse and Half Baked.

The ones that I rarely use are - Sidecar and Gunmetal, mainly because I hate finding glitter on random parts of my face hehe

I bought my palette from Debenhams and included was a lovely eye shadow brush and a small sample size of the primer potion :-)

This is definitely worth the hype and is a Holy Grail product for many beauty bloggers.

So it has its faults but that wouldn't stop me from repurchasing if I ever get through all the shadows *Highly unlikely!* 

Do you own the Naked Palette? Love it or hate it?? 

Hope you all had a great weekend :-) 

Linzi xxx


  1. I love my Naked palette! The price made me cry because I am not big on eye makeup things, but I get so much use out of it that I don't care anymore!

  2. I felt the same when I first bought it hun but I feel that it really has paid off :-) I feel better about it when I see girls paying outrageous prices for just one shadow hehe I didn't think I could do that without crying! lol