Sunday, 12 August 2012

Collection Post : The Blushers ;-)

Hello Gorgeous Ladies!

So today I wanted to write another Collection Post and decided on Blusher. 

I haven't been wearing blush for long because I've always had high pigmentation in my cheeks already and I was scared that I would make it worse but I've since learnt what works for me and have picked up a few blushers in the last year and I wanted to show them off to you all ;-) 

MUA - Shade 4

This is a Blush that I won in a giveaway a few months back, its a gorgeous, bright coral that can be a bit frightening for us pale girls but if you use a light hand it looks gorgeous. I was so amazed at how pigmented and smooth it is for the price. I've been waiting for my local Superdrug to stock up so I can buy some more :-)

Bourjois -  Rose De Jaspe

This is a very sheer blush, great for those days when you just want a simple wash of colour on your cheeks. I picked this up in TK Maxx in a set with a lip gloss and nail polish. I was so excited as I've always wanted to try a Bourjois Blusher but they can be quite pricey.  This is a great starter blush for girls like me who are scared to try a bright blush. 

Laura Geller - Blush 'N Brighten - Ethereal Rose and Sateen Subtle Berry

This was my first ever blusher which came in a Laura Geller QVC set, its a beautiful blusher that gives you the choice to either wear one on there own or to mix both together. In the swatch below I mixed them together, although they are both very pretty on there own. Ethereal Rose is a light pink with lovely pink glitter running through it and the Sateen Subtle Berry is a lovely deep berry with shimmer.  

Laura Geller - Blush 'N Brighten - Pink Buttercream

This is another blusher that I bought in a set from QVC, it's a gorgeous berry pink with an apricot gold shimmer running though it. Simply gorgeous. It's very pigmented so I like to use a light hand when applying. 

You can still get the Set that I bought from QVCUK and here is the link

MAC- Mocha

This is a blush that came in a lovely set last Christmas. I'm in love with this blush, it gives you that to die for "just came in from the cold" look. It has great pigmentation and goes on very smooth. I can't wait to try some more MAC blushers! 

"From L - R - MUA - Shade 4, Bourjois - Rode De Jaspe, Laura Geller - Ethereal Rose & Sateen Subtle Berry Duo, Laura Geller - Pink Buttercream and MAC - Mocha." 

So they are all the Blushers I own, I really want to get some more. Especially some E.L.F Studio blushers, they look really nice :-) 

Do you have a favourite blush?? 

Linzi xxx


  1. I have the Bourjois blush! It's lovely and sheer - perfect for a subtle look! They are soo expensive though!
    I'm lusting after the other ones too! :)

    1. Yay! It si perfect for thet, I agree :-) Yeah I doubt I would buy It at full price but would definitely pick one up from TK Maxx :-) xxx

  2. Nice collection of blushers you have. I always use Bourjois blushers. After applying these blusher, they always gave me a very great effect.

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