Thursday, 2 August 2012

NOTD - Nails Inc - Portobello

Hullo Ladies!

Today I'm wearing the lovely Portobello that was in the recent QVC TSV set, I've worn it a lot since It got here and I'm really loving it.

 It's such a bright neon shade. Perfect for the summer :-) 

It's a lot more coral than is showing up in the pictures, although just as bright. 

It's a neon jelly and dries down matte but with a top coat you can get it to be as glossy as you like! 

It's quite sheer although I find three thin coats makes it perfect, if you don't want to apply so many try a white base polish first.

It's such a hard colour to capture but I notice that it looks more coral in the shade and bright orange in direct sunlight..something that gives it more depth.

I'm loving all the polishes in my recent Nails Inc haul but this is definitely a favourite!

 I have worn it so much over the last week or two with all the lovely weather some of the UK has been having. 

Hope your all having a great day!
Linzi xxx


  1. It is sooo beautiful :) Such a perfect colour for the summer!

  2. love orange!maybe our countries have huge distance but i attend your blog regularly!!!

    1. Awhh thanks hun! That's so nice to know :-)