Saturday, 18 August 2012

REVIEW - MUA - Pearl Eye Shadows

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I haven't posted in awhile, I've been on a bit of a downer this week but I'm determined for next week to be better :-)

I'm reviewing some MUA eye shadows today, I don't own many products from MUA although I'm slowly becoming obsessed with them!

Here are three single eye shadows from the Pearl line. 

"Shade 11"

This is a lovely taupe colour, although a lot more warm toned than is showing in the photo above.

Its the first one that caught my eye and I'm in love with it :-)

Here I've made two swatches, one showing you how it looks with a few swipes and the other one is how it looks when blended. Either way it looks gorgeous on the eye. 

"Shade 28"

This is a lovely red toned copper. 

I've used this a few times as a crease colour and I really like the effect it gives. 

Again I've swatched it in two different ways, showing you how it looks went built up and then showing how it can look blended out. 

"Shade 22"

When I first picked this colour up I thought it had a matte finish but It is in fact a pearly and if you look closely there is a slight shimmer running through it.

Its a lovely light pink that can look great for a wash of colour all over the lid or to use as a subtle highlight on the brow bone. 

I'm definitely going to be picking up more MUA products, I want to try the palettes and the Love Heart lip balms. 

Although I think I may wait for another voucher code on the website so I can do a big shop and get everything I want. Basically every palette in the collection is calling out for me to pick it up so I best do it when they are on offer! 

As you can see the pigmentation is great, for such a inexpensive product the formulation is wonderful and smooth.

I did notice some fall out with the darker colours but you get that from even the most expensive eye shadows so its not a big problem for me. 

The lasting power was also great..I didn't count the hours but it's lasted for a full days shopping trip! 

For just £1 each you can't go wrong!

Do you have a favourite MUA product??? 

Linzi xxx

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