Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shopping Haul (New Look, Peacocks and OPI Find)

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

I went on a shopping trip today with my Mam and Nan. My mam doesn't get out much due to her health so me and my nan treated her to a nice meal and a new top. 

I managed to pick up a few goodies too :-) 

Looking at what was left in the sale section in Peacocks I noticed this lovely handbag, it was £10 down to £5. Its a little summery to be using in the autumn or winter but I don't really go by those rules. I like it so I'll wear it :-) I love the colour combination especially the nude straps. 

The bow is removable but I really like it, so its staying :-) For £5 you cant go wrong.

It's a good size too, which I need! I always end up putting everything but the kitchen sink in my bag :-)  

I picked up these stunning heels from the New Look sale, they were the last pair and luckily in my size. They are a bit higher than what I usually find comfortable but I just love the colour and the shape so I took the chance...they were just £6 so It wouldn't be a huge loss if they just stayed on my shoe shelf...after all I can always just stare at their gorgeousness......

Sorry for the awkward pose, I find shoes so hard to photograph!

I picked this up for just 88p from the Re-Born stand in New Look, its was 75% off and is a beautiful hair clip. 

I've been growing my hair for about a year now and a few nights ago I realized how long it had actually got. Its the longest its been in about nine years so I'm real excited...so excited in fact that I'm hoping to treat myself to a new pair of GHD straighteners for my Birthday next month! 

Ain't they cute!!

These were also 88p in the sale which is amazing! Even though the little faux diamonds have fallen out of every eye but one... I still love them. They look great even without them :-) 

My big find was these Nicole by OPI Nail polishes that I bought from...TK Maxx!!

From left to right - Nicole's Nickle, One Less Lonely Glitter and "Baby" Blue.

These were in a set for £12.99 which is a great saving.

I love the colours in this set, I picked the picture with the flash to show off all that glitter! The blue is also stunning I cant wait to try them all out :-) 

Two of the polishes have tags on them with Justin Bieber's face on it...I'm guessing they are from his collection?? I can forgive that though as they are so gorgeous!

Hope you have all had a great day!!

Linzi xxx


  1. I LOVE those shoes! Gorgeous! And so jealous of the Nicole by OPIs, need to get down to TK Maxx asap!! :P xxx

    1. Thanks hun! You really should, they were such a bargain! xxx

  2. Love the bag, Love the shoes, LOVE LOVE LOVE the polishes! x

  3. LOVE this haul Linzi! I didn't even notice the little diamonds were missing until you pointed it out! They still look so cute though!
    Can't wait to see some NOTD coming up with those gorgeous polishes too!

    Linzi have you checked out my giveaway! This one is international :)

    1. I didn't till I got in the car and had a good look heeh It doesn't take anything from them so I dont mind! I can't wait to try the polishes out hehe they are all gorgeous!

      Ohh I've just taken a look! Great Giveaway sweetie :-) xx

  4. I love your purse, and the robot earrings are to die for!! I tagged you with the 11 questions tag. ;) Go here to check it out. http://beauty-ninja.blogspot.com/2012/08/11-questions-tag.html Hope you have a great Friday!!

    1. Awhh thanks hun! I've already done that tag but thank you for the invatation! xxx