Thursday, 23 August 2012

REVIEW - MAC - Fluidline - Rich Ground

Hullo Ladies!

I've been neglecting my usual Bobbi Brown Espresso Inc Gel Eyeliner a lot this summer because of this gorgeous product. 

This is Rich Ground From MAC and it's a Fluidline Gel Eyeliner. 

I'm pretty sure its in the permanent range.

I picked it up the same time I bought Waveline which is a blue gel eyeliner that I will also be reviewing some point soon :-) 

Rich Ground is a smooth red toned copper brown, and gives a slight metallic effect on the eye.

I find this a great alternative to wearing black or dark brown constantly, as much as I love my Bobbi Brown I only have two colours so sometimes it can get a bit boring. So In the last few weeks I've been using this for all my neutral looks.

So far I have a love/hate relationship with MAC Gel eyeliner, I have a whole different opinion between this and Waveline. So I suggest really researching about the colour your interested in before purchasing :-)

The pigmentation and formula of the gel eyeliner is amazing, Its very creamy and opaque but dries quick enough so I don't get any print marks when I guys know what I mean :-) We've all done it!

I've also used this as an all over lid colour for when creating a brown/bronze smokey eye because it's so easy to blend! 

This last's a good five hours before I feel the need to either refresh my makeup or take it off :-) 

I'm really glad I bought this eye liner and at some point I want to try Blacktrack Fluidline as it's supposed to be a great black liner :-) 

Here's a link to the UK website :-) 

Have your tried any of the fluidlines?? 

Love or hate??

Linzi xxx


  1. The colour is pretty, but i could never wear this liner daily, i always stick to blacktrack :) x

    1. I've been having a slight break from wearing too much black eyeliner so its been a nice alternative :-) I can understand though! Hehe xxx

  2. pretty and pigmented color! i love it :D

  3. heeey!! we just nominated you for the Liebster award!!!

    Just go on our page and answer le questions!


    1. Awhh thanks very much hun! I'll make sure to have a look when I have time :-) xxx

  4. It's really amazing!

    I have a giveaway right now, join if you want to! :)

    1. Thanks hun, I'll make sure to take a look :-)