Monday, 27 August 2012

REVIEW - The Body Shop - Sweet Lemon Body Butter

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

So If any of you read my blog on a regular basis you may know that I'm in love with The Body Shop Body Butters.

Today I'm going to review the first Body Butter I bought. 

At the time I really researched into what body butters and scrubs people loved most and a favourite scrub that everyone seemed to be talking about was the Sweet Lemon.

 I went online to order it but they had sold out, but by that time I was really excited to try out the scent so I ordered to Body Butter instead. 

As soon as It got here I tried it out, I liked it fine but it was a bit bitter for my taste, I wouldn't say it was "sweet" at all. 

That doesn't mean that it is not a great body butter though, I found my dry skin improved greatly after a few days use. 

It's one of their thicker butters but sinks right into your skin. 

It's for Normal to Dry skin and I find it very beneficial to those pesky dry areas like my arms and elbows. 

Back to the scent I find it to be quite powerful especially if your slathering it all over your body.

I didn't mind all too much but I received a few remarks from family members about it and realized that some people just don't like the smell of lemons, so I wouldn't pick this up if your frightened about wearing fragrances that might offend people, go for something like the Shea butter instead :-) 

Not long after I bought this I purchased some more Body Butters and forgot all about this product. Keeping it at the bottom of my Skin Care box. 

I didn't think I would be using it again and was about to give it away when I got ill. 

I had the winter flu and couldn't smell anything without feeling sick for at least a week.

 This felt even more horrendous because the week before was a Body Butter sale and I had purchased five of them! I couldn't even look at them when they got here without feeling ill. 

Surprisingly the Sweet Lemon Butter was the only scent I could handle and even made me feel better, lemons are often used to control nausea and I found this to work wonders.

So I keep this around for the days where I'm craving something a bit sharper and feeling unwell. Its strange but it works. :-)  

Will I purchase this again? Hmm...If it was in a amazing sale...yeah ...but I can't imagine going through the tub I have now any time soon :-) 

I do like this body butter for hydration but I would suggest you try it out in store first, everyone reacts different to scents.

A bit of a mixed review but I like to say what I really think :-) 

So what do you think of the Sweet Lemon Body Butter? I really want to try the Scrub at some point :-) Is it any good? 

Linzi xxxx


  1. I love that you found such a unique use lol who woulda know a lemon body butter can help with nausea :) I love the way the scrub smelled though!

    1. I know! It's the only scent I can handle when I'm random lol I really need to try the scrub at some point :-) Thanks for the comment hun!