Friday, 3 August 2012

REVIEW - Balance Me - Pure Skin Face Wash

Hullo Gorgeous Ladies!!

So I really needed to write this review for you because It's about something that's ever happened to me before and I'm kind of confused :-P

So this is the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash and its said to be a skin - balancing cleanser for normal to combinational skin. 

On the back of the products it says that it includes "balancing spruce knot extract, anti-oxidant rich rice bran oil and sense-awakening frankincense, grapefruit and ylang ylang." 

I recieved this free in a magazine last month and I've waited this long to try it because I was finishing up my Body Shop Passionfruit Cleanser. 

Today was the first time I tried this product and I know your all thinking...well maybe you should try it a lot more before you give it a full review. Well I don't need to and believe me I will never be trying this product again. Here's why..

So this afternoon I had a shower and decided to try this cleanser, I followed the rules by adding some warm water and gently massaged it into my face. It started to feel like it was heating up but I wasn't too worried as sometimes this happens and I was also having a hot shower! It didn't burn at all so I just carried on with my shower then got out to dry and moisturize when I looked at myself in the mirror and nearly screamed! 

I had an allergic reaction! My first ever in fact!

Now I know that this obviously wont happen to everyone but I just wanted to ask you if you have ever had a reaction to the Balance Me products because whats confusing is that its  98.8% natural and its not something I would have thought would give me a reaction as I've always used a range of products with no problem. 

I'm not going to rant about it because this is probably just a personal thing, most people are allergic to something..right??

 What I want to know now is what it was that gave me the reaction so that I can skip over future products...are you seeing an ingredient up there which you know is easy for some people to react to because I'm so confused, I really didn't think I was allergic to anything! 

Okay back onto the actual review, obviously because I've only tried it once I do not know a lot about it but I can't say that it made my skin feel fantastically cleansed, It seems just like your everyday cleanser...nothing special.

 I really disliked the scent..seemed quite herbal smelling to me !

The packaging is lovely cute without being too complicated, would look lovely in you shower bag 

So It's safe to say that I really doubt I will be using any Balance Me products in the future, I'm just going to stick to my normal cleansers. 

Have you had any trouble with Balance Me? or is it one of your favourite brands? 

Also some time today I reached over 100 followers and god am I happy!!! Thank you all so much for following me and reading my posts :-) 

Linzi xxx


  1. That is odd! Mind you, something similar happened to me once - I'm not knowingly allergic to anything either and use face products all the time, but once I had a massive allergic reaction to a moisturiser in my Glossybox that claimed to be for sensitive skin (Which mine isnt anyway!).

    Personally I really like the BalanceMe face wash, I've almost used my freebie up and I've found my skin looks much better (Though that may be pregnancy hormones as I've just found I'm expecting!) - the only thing I don't like is the smell, it does smell too herbally xxx

    1. That's bonkers!

      Ohh congratulations hun :-) Thats great!

      Yeah the smell is quite horrible, looking at some of the reviews online a lot of Balance Me products have weird smells :-/

      Thanks for the comment hun! xxx

  2. Thats so odd considering its mainly natural products, maybe you should try and find out which product you were allergic to in case you buy something again with the same thing in!

    *Fingers Crossed* I haven't yet had an allergic reaction to any products, but I certainly wouldn't expect it from the Balance Me range! I got all four freebies from them with the mag, I only really like the eye cream and lip salve though (once you get past the smell that is).

    Laura xx

    1. I know I was thinking the same... I really want to find out what the ingredient was but I don't know how lol

      Agreed on the smell, it must take some time to get used to!


  3. I'm too scared to try it now haha! xx

    1. Awhh hehe sorry hun! It's probably just a personal might be fine for you, best thing you can do is try it on your hand or something :-) xxx

  4. Did you get red were the face wash were? Because I get extremely red where the face wash has been when I use it.But I dont think it is because im allergic. I think its because it might be quite strong ingredients in it that the skin needs to get used too or something.

    1. No hun it was definitely an allergic reaction. My skin came out in a rash and it was very sore for some time. I don't think anyone should use a face wash that made their skin go red anyway. Especially if like me they have sensitive skin. Thanks for the comment! xx