Thursday, 29 March 2012

REVIEW - Nails Inc 3 Piece Black Crackle Collection

 Hello Ladies,

                      This is a review of a set of Nails Inc nail polishes I bough from QVC last year. Its a crackle set, with two normal colours and a crackle colour.

This is a lovely set that can be worn for either a special occasion or casual wear.

"Old Queen Street"
This is a lovely colour to wear on your own if your brave, for me it's quite hard to pull off and due to my shaky hands It ends up going everywhere.
I love the way the black crackle looks with this colour. It's quite elegent and can be used for both a night out or everyday wear.

"Cambridge Terrace"
 I love this colour, it's one of my favorites out of my whole nail polish collection. Recently I have worn it on just two nails and put a lovely bright pink on the remaining nails. 

Sorry for the chipped nails, I took the picture just before I repainted my nails instead of after :(

"Camden Crackle Topcoat"

This is a great crackle that looks amazing on all the colours I've painted it over. It dries down matt but if you want it glossy just add a top coat. This is the only crackle polish I have tried. I might pick up the Barry M ones or the Models Own to see if there is any difference.

Nails Inc polishes can be quite expensive but I really want some then I buy from QVC so you get more for your money :)

What crackles do you like to use and what colours to you put with them?

Thanks, Linzi xx

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  1. Looks good, love the colours! And thanks for the comment and follow, now following back :) x