Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Gel Eyeliner Collection (Bobbi Brown, MAC)


I love to use Gel Eyeliners, they can be so easy to use once you have a great brush. My favorite brush to use so far is the Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Liner brush.

First is Black Ink by Bobbi Brown, Its a strong, pure black that I like to use on a night out, It's a bit too much for me for every day wear. I used up most of i't around halloween time when I was a Sexy Witch.

*Kissy Face, Mwah Mwah *
The lipstick is Violetta from MAC

This is Espresso Ink by Bobbi Brown and it's more subtle than Black Ink and to me it is the perfect day time liner.

Next is Waveline from MAC and its a lovely colour but not so pigmented so I have to reapply it a good amount of times to get the colour I want.

Last but not least is Rich Ground a beautiful gold colour from MAC. It's smoth to go on and very pigmented.

I love them all in their own way, I find the Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliners last longer but the MAC Fluidlines come in the most amazing range of colours. So there they are :) Sorry for the chipped nails by the way, I went to a house party last night with lovely nails and came back with them looking like that. FAIL!

                                                                 Thanks, Linzi xx

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