Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Body Shop Body Butters


       The Body Shop Body Butters are amazing to me, I've collected a few over the years, have smelt probably everyone they have made and these are soem of my favorites.

Satsuma Body Butter

This is my all time favorite smelling body butter, but its for normal skin so not the best for my-very-dry- and- in- need -of- top moisture- skin sadly but I still use it every chance I get :)

Sweet Lemon Body Butter

Nice but not sweet smelling enough for me I find it very sharp for my tastes but for some reason I love using it when I'm under the weather. Probably because It's the only thing I can smell that doesnt turn me ill.

Mango Body Butter

This is my second tub, I love the smell and find it really refreashing. It's for very dry skin which is great for me and i find that if I use it constantly for a few week's thats when my skin  is at its best. So I try to always have some at home :)

Almond Body Butter

This is one of my least Favorite smells, I had many fruity body butter and wanted something sweet but I bought this when It was on offer online with out actually smelling it. I also bought the Passion fruit, Brazil Nut and Blueberry that day and I disliked them all. Lucky I got them on sale because now my nan uses them for her feet!

Wild Cherry Body Butter

This is a nice smelling body butter but it's not one I would repurchase. It's for normal skin so not the best moisturiser for me but good when you want something a little bit different smelling.


Shea Body Butter

This is another I have gone through and bought again, It's great because it's extreamly moisturizing but also not too strongly fragranced so it messes with your perfume. This is one I wear out in the evening or when I'm going somewhere and I want someone to smell my perfume :) Also I got my two tubes of this for only £1 each when The body Shop had them on offer, if you spent a certain amount you could pick one out of three body butters for just a £1! Bargain!

Vanilla Body Butter

This is my newest Body Butter and I had it free with my last order from there online store, It was good luck because at the same time I was buying there Vanilla EDT, so I use this to layer the perfume to make the scent last longer. This is one of they're new Body Butters, they give you two seperate butters, one thats for dry skin and one thats for normal. Making it easier for you because your able to use the same moisturizer for your whole body.


  1. I love body shop products :)
    great post!


  2. Thank you! Me too...They have an amazing sale on at the moment which i'm taking advantage of :)