Tuesday, 26 March 2013

REVIEW - AUSSIE - Take The Heat Leave-in Spray

Hey Ladies :-) 

Since I was young I've always heard my hair dresser's talking about how important it is to protect your hair from heat when styling it. Only recently though have I started to take that vital information to heart. 

Mostly because I'm styling my hair a lot more often now and as I constantly forgot to spray on my heat protectant I could see the ends getting dryer and dryer until they were just a frazzled mess. The fact that I dye my hair frequently too just made it worse. 

So after having a guts full with my damaged hair I decided about a month ago to start taking better care of it. This Aussie Take The Heat Leave -in Spray with jojoba oil is one of the products I started using religiously. 

I'm on my second bottle of it already and I have to say I really think it's helped. My hair feels a lot more smoother now and my ends are looking much better. 

It's very light weight and it doesn't make my hair feel heavy, sticky, greasy or crunchy at all. In fact I'm pretty sure it helps make my hair easier to work with.

I spray it on wet hair before I blow dry and then again if I'm using any styling tool's. 

It has a lovely scent which isn't too strong which I like as I find some hair products to be way too over powering. 

This isn't the first heat protectant I've tried but it's my favourite so far and until I find something that beats it I'll be re-purchasing it again and again. 

Have you tried this product or do you use something else that you love?

Linzi xxx


  1. I've not tried this! Looks promising, will deffo check this out in Boots" :) x

    1. I love it hun, it's worth a look! :-) xx

  2. I have used this so many times LOVE IT! also like their milk serum smells so good, great post xx


    1. Ohh I've got the smooth and shine milk which I really like too :-) They have some great products! Thanks hun! xx

  3. Replies
    1. I think so too hun :-) Its very recognizable!