Monday, 18 March 2013

REVIEW - Remington Pearl Wand

Hullo Ladies!

I received this Remington Curling Wand for Christmas. It's the first curling tool I've ever owned and up to recently I had only ever had my hair curled when I was my cousins bridesmaid and at the time I hated how it looked. 

I think that was probably because my hair was quite short at the time. 

Now my hair is longer I've been wanting to do more with it so a curling tool was a lovely surprise!

This wand has a pearl ceramic coating with real pearl shimmer for a smoother finish. 

Included with this curling wand you recieve a heat protecting glove and a heat proof pouch.  

It has a digital display and you can choose a heat setting from 130 - 210  degrees celsius. 

It heats up surprisingly quickly, at the price I expected to be waiting about five minutes at least but it was hot in one minute. It also has a cool tip at the end so you can hold onto something while your waiting for the curl. 

On the box it says that it has a automatic safety shut off which I great but I've never had to use it as I always make sure I turn the wand off and pop it into the included pouch.

I've heard that a lot of people find it daunting using a curling tool that doesn't have a clamp but I find this to be very easy to use even for me. I'm glad I started out with a wand as I've heard the clamp on some curling irons can make impressions into the hair that don't look as natural as it would with a wand. 

I adore this product and I'm even looking into buying more from the Remington Pearl range. 

In the above picture I show how it looks with just a few curls in my hair as I don't like to completely curl my hair as it's so thick that I feel like it looks way too big if I curl every part. 

You can create tight curls or loose curls all according to how hot you have the setting or if you let the curls drop by not applying hairspray soon after. At the moment I'm preferring the more loose curls. 

I was very surprised at how long these curls can last. I've curled my hair for a night out and still have lovely waves the next morning for a more vintage look! 

You can buy it HERE for  £19.89 but it's also on sale in Argos at the moment!

Have you tried this curling wand? 

Linzi xxx


  1. great results on you... defo gonna check it out :)
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

    1. Thanks hun! I'ts a great product! xxx

  2. Great review!


  3. Your hair colour is simply stunning lovely lovely review xx

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