Sunday, 10 March 2013

Collective Haul - The Body Shop, No 7, Simple and Mag Freebie!

Hey Ladies!

It's been nearly a week since I last blogged about anything!

 I've had so much going on but I've missed posting! 

I though that my first post back should be of the products I've picked up in the last week :-) 

At the beginning of the week I went to Asda and Superdrug and picked up some hair care products. 

The Garnier Fructis Frizz Tamer Shampoo and Conditioner - I like them so far. They smell amazing and my hair feels super smooth and sleek afterwards. 

I picked up the Glamour Magazine in Asda because it came with a free Percy and Reed hair product. I choose the Colour and Shine Conditioner. This was the only one left. I hope next time I go there'll be some more variety. It smells the same as all the Percy and Reed products and I'm liking it so far although I've only used it once. 

I also stopped in Superdrug for some hair dye and whilst there I picked up the Loreal Elvive Full Restore Conditioning Replenish Spray. 

Just before I left I snagged a Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash too. I'm really liking the Simple brand at the moment, I'm on the path of trying to get my skin into a better condition.

One thing I do every now and then is pop into the local charity shop to pick up some books, I managed to find some Nora Roberts that I hadn't read yet but when passing the window outside I spotted a little No 7 gift box. I asked the lovely lady behind the contour if I could have a look at what was inside, mainly because I wanted to check that nothing had been touched, when she opened it up I almost wept with joy! The set included a travel mascara, full size eyeliner, full size lipstick and an eyeshadow! All brand new and for just £1.99 :-D 

When I came home I had a quick check online to see if I could find out when the set came out and apparently it came out in December/January when you spent a certain amount on No 7 porducts! The colours are gorgeous. Nothing in there I wouldn't use. I'll be reviewing some of them very soon! 

Last but not least, Yesterday my brother and I went Mothers Day shopping and I found The Body Shop store! It was an outlet so everything was discounted! 

I bought my mam a new Wise Woman Day Cream and Cleanser and then for myself I picked up some new releases. They had put the new EDT's in little sets for great prices. 

After testing out the Mango EDT I knew I had to have it. I grabbed the last set that also included the new Mango lip gloss and a travel size Mango Body Butter. For just £13.33, which is great as on the website the perfume is £8.50 and the Gloss £7 on their own!

When I paid by the counter the assistant asked me if I had a Membership card, which I did but knew it had run up. I told her this and she asked to see it anyway. Apparently because I didn't get a birthday gift from them last September I could get a new free membership card, not only that but because I became a member again she gave me a free travel size body butter. 

I have to be honest, It took me awhile to find one I hadn't tried yet! 

I choose the Chocomania one, I've heard so much about it since it came out a year ago and I just don't understand why I hadn't picked it up before now :-)  Whilst in store I also tested the Dreams Unlimited fragrance and now realize, I need that baby in my perfume collection! It's a stunner :-) 

So that's everything I bought over the last week! I can't wait to start writing up some reviews for these new products :-)

Have you tried any of the new EDT's from The Body Shop? 

 I'm dying to pick up the Strawberry one that I also tried. 

Linzi, XxX


  1. Nice Haul :)

    I see you picked up Chocomania. Doesn't it smell like a chocolate cake?

    1. YES!! I find it very "bakery"'s not just your simple chocolate scented moisturizer ;-)

  2. wow such a fabulous haul. Loved reading your blogpost too, you seem to have got some real bargains! can't wait for your reviews! Those Body Shop goodies look lush :D xx

    1. Awhh thank you hun! I can't wait to write them :-) xx

  3. Great post :)


  4. great haul, the no7 gift box looks like such a bargain!

    1. Thanks hun! I thought so too :-) xx