Sunday, 8 July 2012

MAC - Lipstick - Show Orchid


Today I want to talk about another MAC lipstick that I own. 

Show Orchid is an Amplified lipstick that comes out in a few collections every so often, apparently its available at Pro Stores but I've never even seen one of those where I'm from so the only time I would be able to repurchase Is to wait for it to become available in another collection.

I picked up this lipstick in last years Fall Colour Collection along with Violetta which I wanted for my Halloween  "Sexy Witch" look ;-) 

Its very creamy and pigmented.

Its very vibrant and has a slight purple Iridescence in it which I think you can really pick up on in the photo. 

I'n the photo I'm wearing it quite lightly and you can easily be more heavy handed to make a dramatic lip.

I love this colour, although I usually go for my other MAC pink lipstick which is Girl About Town as I'm actually frightened I'm going to use it all up! 

I don't understand why the don't just put it in the permanent line as so many people love it. :-( 

I've noticed with a lot of Amplified Creams they have great staying power, and stain the lips giving my lips a lovely pink look even when the lipstick has vanished :-) 

Although I'm the kinda girl who doesn't mind re-applying lipstick on a night out...just another reason for all us ladies to gossip in the toilets! 

As a lipstick addict it's also nice to see what everyone else is wearing on their lips too. Hehehe.

 Oh My God I sound like such a stalker...I'm not I promise ;-) 

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend! 

Linzi xxx


  1. What a beautiful colour!
    Yes you can really see the purple/blue undertones in the photo's :)

    I've never tried a MAC lipstick can you believe?!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Laura xx

    1. Ohh you really should try them at one point!

      I love them...haven't bought one in awhile mind.

      Need to use up some of the ones I have first hehe xx

  2. I thought the photo had gone crazy but it was actually just the purple bits hehe!!! I've never owned anything MAC... I'm guessing it's worth the money right??

    1. hehe it's not that obvious in real life but I was lucky enough to capture it like that :-)

      I really think their lipsticks are worth the money :-) I don't want many just maybe a statement red or a usable nude.

      I can't imagine buying lot's from them though..way too expensive. Just every so often when I want a treat :-)

  3. I really want to try this, I think the blue/purple undertones are beautiful! :) xx

    1. I do too hun!! Very Unusual :-) xx

  4. I love this lippy and is next on my pro purchase list for January. I have been so focused on LE Collections I forget about Perm items at times.

    1. I'm the opposite! I hate looking at the LE just in case I find something I love and then can't get it anymore hehe