Tuesday, 10 July 2012

New Haul - The Body Shop, N-SPA + more

Hullo Everyone!

Hmmm... I've been a very naughty girl and have made a few purchases lately.

So last week I realized that The Body Shop where gonna end their sale soon so I thought...why not pick up a few extra bits!!

Also they had a great voucher code where you could get 30% off everything including the things in the sale!!!

The Body Shops Seasonal Body Butters in Candied Ginger and Spiced Vanilla.

These butters where originally £12.50 - down to £3 in Sale -- down to £2.40  with the code. 

I'm keeping these for the Winter...Hah...doesn't feel like it left!

I'm determined to use up some of my more fruity based scents before I start on these!

The Body Shops Seasonal Hand Creams in Candied Ginger and Spiced Vanilla

Original price is £3 Each - Sale - £1.50  - Code - 70p

The Body Shop Shower Gels/ Cream in Satsuma, Coconut and Strawberry.

I can't remember what these where in the sale but this is what it says on the invoice.

Original Price - £12.00 - Sale + Code - £5.25

Hemp  Foot, Hand and Body Trio Gift Set 

Original price - £15.00 - Sale  - £10 - Code - £8

This mini bottle of Pink Grapefruit was free with any purchase made at the time. It leaked in the bag and now my hand creams bottles smell of bitter grapefruit :-(  Hate it when that happens!!!

So that's the end of my Body Shop Haul! 

My favourite purchases where the shower gels, I made sure to choose scents that I knew I loved! 

All in all I payed £29.95 which I think is brilliant for what I got! 

Sadly the sale has finished now but that's not to say they haven't still got some great deals going on so go check out their website here.

Now onto what I picked up in Asda's today!

I wasn't too excited about the magazine freebies this month but I am having problems with spots on my face at the moment so I felt like trying a new product. I picked the 50ml
 Face Wash from Balance Me that Glamour are giving away at the moment. 

Even though I would have chosen it anyway I didn't really have a choice. There was lots of Glamour magazines but with big holes in the packing where the products had been taken out!! What a cheek! 

I also noticed that N-Spa have changed their packaging!! No wonder I picked up that scrub a few weeks ago for just 50p, they where getting rid! 

I picked up the Mango Body Butter and Raspberry Body Lotion, great for when the sun finally comes out!!

I love what they have done to the range, It's much more fun! The scents are wonderful like always and they have also brought out some new products such as lip balms and body sprays!!

I couldn't resit trying out the body sprays, the only ones there was Raspberry and Passion fruit. 

They both smell amazing, I'm going to be doing a review/comparison on them with the Boot's Natural Collection body sprays soon!!! 

Everything from N-SPA was on offer -  £3 each  or two products for £4

I also picked this up from Amazon the other day, I've heard a lot about the benefits of Aloe Vera Gel for the skin. From Bloggers talking about how it helps with plucking the eyebrows to how to apply it to minor burns which my Gran used to do for me and my brother when we were younger! I picked this up for just £4 and it's a big 200ml bottle! 

So that's my haul! 

 Did any of you take advantage of The Body Shop Sale???

Hope you all have had a great day!

Linzi xxx


  1. Love everything you got! Great sales prices! :) Enjoy everything! x