Tuesday, 3 July 2012

More Body Shop Deals (UK)

Hullo Beautiful Ladies!!

So I was just having a look on The Body Shop website and noticed that they have a few great deals going on at the moment..

Here they are!

  • The Body Shop Secret Sale *still going on*
  • 30% off voucher code which includes everything in the sale!!! (TREATYOU)
  • Free 60ml bottle of Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel with Purchase
  • Bag Of Joy
  • I just checked and the NEW30 voucher code still works too, this means you get £10 off a £30 spend,    but may not work with the Bag Of Joy.

Taken from The Body Shop Website

The Bag of Joy is something The Body Shop do every so often, It's a bag they make up themselves that includes various products and has a Value price of £79 but you can get it for just £25

Here is the list The Body Shop is saying is included in the bag.

  • Body Butter Duo in Macadamia 200ml
  • Body Butter Duo in Acai 200ml
  • Earth Lovers Shower Gel in Lemon and Thyme 250ml
  • Earth Lovers Shower Gel in Cucumber and Mint 250ml
  • Roll on Deodorant in Cool and Zesty 50ml
  • Roll on Deodorant in Chilled and Breezy 50ml
  • Dreams Unlimited Body Butter 200 ml
  • Dreams Unlimited Eau De Toilette 50ml
  • Warming Mineral Mask 100ml
  • On Bag for Life

 This is obviously great value for money and is good if you want to keep some for yourself and give the rest as presents :-) 

Remember you can only use one voucher on each purchase so take your time choosing which one you want :-) 

Hope this helps someone! 

Are you picking up anything from The Body Shop? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Lots of great offers there, I love the body shop products :)

    1. Me too hun :-) One of my fave brands!

  2. Ooooh sounds fab! Thanks for the heads up, will have to go and take a look! :) xxx

    1. No problem hun :-) Looking forward to seeing if you get anything! xxx