Friday, 20 July 2012

Great finds! (Leighton Denny, RE-BORN + more)


It's Friiiiiiiday!!! 

Just in case you didn't know already :-) 

Like many Fridays I've spent my day shopping with my Nan, mainly because It's my parents Anniversary tomorrow and we both needed to find them something :-) 

First stop was back to New Look to see what was left in the sales :-) 

This is one of the things I bought my mam, she loves pairing the colours black and gold, especially with her accessories so I know for a fact she is going to love these! 

They were down to just £2 in the New Look sale!

I picked up these last week and forgot to mention them ;-) 

It's a lovely set, I love the butterfly's so much I wore them today and they're stunning.

All of them for just £2, so many pretty colours!

I've seen a lot of these spike bracelets lately and was so happy to find it on sale! A major 75% off.

It was originally £5 and down to just £1.25

This is another style that I've seen a lot lately, they're gorgeous. 

This skull charm bracelet was originally £5.50 and down to £1.38

I'm looking forward to wearing them with the blue skater dress I bought last leek.

I also picked up these earrings to go with the bracelet, If they where at full price I wouldn't have bothered because I have had a lot of trouble with earrings like this, you wear them a few times and they break off but the were only £1 down from £4 :-) Seemed like it was worth a try!

Whilst I was also in New Look I picked up a new Maxi Dress and a T-shirt. I hate taking picture of clothes though! Sorry! The t-shirt was white and had an hawiian logo on it and the maxi dress is a very colour woven  print.

I also stopped in Poundland to see if they have any new Sinful Colors nail polish but they didn't, though I did see this Possibility Lemon Cheesecake lip balm. It smells amazing and is a whopping 20g. I've seen them in New Look before and always fancied them. I picked this up for a £1 :-) 

Probably one of my best finds ever is this Leighton Denny Duo that I found in Tk Maxx...I was looking at the Nails Inc Crackle sets that they now have there but couldn't find an excuse to buy then as I recently bought the QVC TSV. So instead I looked at some other products and found this Leighton Denny set..I'd seen the same set before for around £9.99 and always put it back but I noticed that they had reduced just £4.99!!!! 

Two Leighton Denny polishes for less the £5...amazing!

The red "Indulgence" Is a gorgeous blue toned red and the dark grey colour "Graycious" I'm giving to my mam tomorrow as well as the earrings as It's a colour that I know she will love :-) 

So those are my recent finds!

Found anything good in the summer sales recently??

Linzi xxx


  1. Great bargain buys! Those Leighton Denny polishes were a steal!

    I picked up a couple of those Possibility lipbalms a while back. I got the lemon cheesecake and mint ice cream! Love mint ice cream :)

    Laura xx

    1. I'm going to be picking up a few more soon...the lemon cheesecake smells amazing :-) I'll keep the mint ice cream in mind!


  2. I got those two RE-BORN bracelets too! Would've got the earrings as well but I never seen them, so pretty :) xx

    1. I've never seen the brand before but they have some lovely stuff!

      I bought the bracelets first and then my nan pointed the earrings out to me later, I would have walked out without them too hun hehe

  3. Oooh some fab finds there! :)
    Especially the Leighton Denny! That grey colour looks GORGEOUS!

    1. My mam loves it :-) It really is a lovely colour!

  4. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a $100 SheInside giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  5. Very nice purchases, especially the first pair of earrings.
    Happy anniversary to your parents!