Monday, 23 July 2012

REVIEW + Swatches of Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette

Hullo Beautiful Ladies

Last year Urban Decay Celebrated their 15th Anniversary and brought out a few special products, this palette being one of them! 

It includes all brand new shades.

Although hard to keep clean, the packaging is beautiful.

The shadows are on a lid that you can lift and can be used as a keep sake box once you have finished with them.

*That's going to take years!"


Like all Urban Decay eye shadows, they are extremely smooth, pigmented and unique.

This palette consists of both, neutral and bright shades. Making it easy for you to transform your look from day to night without fiddling around with all different type of palettes. 

Surprisingly I don't use this palette enough, I usually just go for my Naked Palette to play it safe but I've decided to use this more often as I did pay a good amount for it! 

I don't mind paying for Urban Decay Palettes though, I would rather pay around £30/£40 for a palette full of shadows, than  buying one shadow for £14! 

It makes it a good saving if you think about it because they are still full sized! 

I wanted to include this picture because right at the moment a woman walked past! She must have been thinking " What a strange girl!"  Haha. "Taking random pictures of her arm!!"  I just nodded and said hey, think I did pretty well, though I'm sure I went bright red!!!

On to the Swatches :-) 

"From L-R - Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, Vanilla, Flow and Chase."

Midnight Rodeo: Brown with Silver Glitter
Midnight 15:  Dirty Pearl with Silver Glitter
Vanilla: Light yellow toned white with gold shimmer
Flow: Peachy shimmer
Chase: Golden Bronze


"From L - R - Tainted, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence and Deep End"

Tainted:  Pale purple toned pink with gold shimmer
Junkshow: Bright pink with blue duo chrome
Omen: Bright purple with blue duo chrome
Evidence: Deep Blue
Deep End: Bright Teal/blue

"From L - R - Deeper, M.I.A, Ace, Blackout and Half Truth."

Deeper: Dark Golden Brown
M.I.A: Dark Brown
Ace: Dark Gunmetal
Blackout: Matte Black
Half Truth: Dark grey with purple duo chrome

Most Used : Flow, Chase, Deeper, Tainted. *Not all at the same time!*

Most Unique: Half Truth, Junkshow, Omen, Evidence. * I'm in love with Half Truth*

Least Used: Midnight Rodeo, Midnight Cowboy, Deep End. * I find them hard to work with, although they are all very beautiful :-)*

Least Unique: M.I.A, Vanilla,  Ace. *I've seen variations of these colours in a lot of UD palettes*

I can't remember how much this costs exactly, I bought it from Debenhams, I checked last night and it was there, looked just now and it's gone. Debenhams' website can be so tricky at times. Hard work!

I'm very glad I got this palette, I use Urban Decay's eye shadows on a daily bases, they are my favourite above all others, even MAC :-) 

I personally don't feel like I need to own every palette UD brings out because I know they often release the same if not similar two or three palettes is enough for me. Although I must admit sometimes I get sucked in by the lovely packaging :-) 

Hope you enjoyed this....very!

Do you have a UD palette that you love? What is it??

Linzi xxx


  1. I need need need this palette! I'm going to try and get it after my birthday fingers crossed. Debenhams don't have it online anymore, but House of Frasers do! :) xx

    1. Ohh YAY!! Hope you get it hun..It's a great Palette to have :-)

  2. Great swatches :) I love that deep end shade!!! But they all look pretty nice

    1. Thanks hun! It is a beautiful colour..I've really got to find a way to wear it :-)

  3. I am really looking forward to owning one of these someday!

    1. They're great palettes hun! Every make up lover should own on!

  4. Wow that one is amazing! Loving the colours there! :)

    1. Its a great palette hun!! I love it :-) xx

  5. This palette is gorgeous! <3
    I laughed about the picture you took when the lady passed.
    And i just got my first UD palette! The Naked 2, i really like it!


  6. I think so too hun! Haha It was rather funny :-) Ohh lovely! I've heard great things :-) xx