Monday, 30 July 2012

Eau My Giddy God : Valentino - Rock 'N Rose

Hullo Lovely Ladies!!

It's been a good few weeks since I wrote a 'Eau My Giddy God' review so this is Valentino's Rock 'N Rose. A perfume I picked up in Spain last Summer. 

It reminds my of long summer days by the pool, drinking those gorgeous pina colada's and nights out with the girls. 

To me it's just a very elegant, grown up scent.

I wore this all last friends 18th birthday parties, lazy Sundays down the local pub and even posh dinners out. 

I've had some great comments from guys and girls, which Is always a good thing. A guy friend once told me that it reminded him of ..and I repeat..."sexy lingerie" O.o Hmmmm....

It's a beautiful bottle but was so hard to photograph so sorry for the shabby pictures! 

This is a EDP so the staying power is wonderful, I may re-apply every so often but that's more for me than anybody else as you can get used to the scent, making you feel like it's worn off but if you ask someone they will tell you that it's still all there :-) 

The scent to me is a sweet, floral scent with some musk. 

I'm not usually a fan of floral or musky scents in everyday life but I have a few "night time" perfumes that seem to have them included and with the added sweetness of the Vanilla, it's a lot easier for me to wear :-) 

I can't seem to find it in stores, e.g. Boots or Debenhams but have found it on Amazon, as well as some variations of it! :-) 

Have you tired this perfume? Have a Night Time scent you like to wear?? 

Linzi xxx

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