Thursday, 19 July 2012

RANT....and Ciate NOTD :-)

Hullo Lovely Ladies!

So the other day I purchased a Cosmopolitan Magazine, It's probably my favourite to read and usually has good freebies.

Well this month they were giving away a choice of three Missguided nail polishes. 

I picked the yellow "Misslead" which I found to be the only one that was vaguely unique out of the lot.

I liked the fact that it was a good sized product and it's a pretty bottle, I brought it home but have only had time today to try it and guess what...the bloody thing wont open. I've asked everyone  to try and open it today and the cap will not budge. 

Just now I tried again and it's cracked! 

It's so disappointing... Okay so I didn't pay full price for it but I just expected more. I'f this is the same packaging that they are charging people for on the website then they really need to look into it. 

I have had nail polishes that have been tricky to get open before but that's usually because I've used them half a dozen times and the product has dried around the cap. I haven't even opened this! 

Is it just me who's had this problem?? 

Okay rant over...needed that's one of those days!

Onto my NOTD

Which is in fact another freebie!!

Though this one really didn't disappoint :-) 

I picked... Ciate Nail Polish in Bon Bon ....up a few months ago, put it on my brothers fiance and decided it wasn't really for me... until I went out on a limb and tried it today and realized I am in LOVE! 

I'm very picky with my nude polishes, I've so many that I have only worn once and will never wear again but I can't imagine this being one of them. Just like Leighton Denny's Supermodel I find that it's very flattering on my nails. Giving me an elegant manicure without me thinking that it's boring. I just feel real...posh! :-) 

Do you do that sometimes?

Buy something and hate it for a few weeks/months, then suddenly really like it??

Hope you have all had a good day, I had a driving lesson today and actually drove the car home myself! Hehe I know a lot of you are shouting "Annnnd??" at the screen but I really feel like I'm getting better at driving, even went up some hills! 

Linzi xxx


  1. No way! I got all 3 of the MissGuided polishes because I thought they were quite pretty in their little boxes haha! Mine all seem to be okay, maybe you should put a complaint to Cosmo mag to let them know! :)

    I love the Ciate Bon Bon, did you get it free with last months Marie Claire mag? I did! :)

    Laura xx

    1. Haha the boxes are really cute! Hmm I dunno know if its worth it now I've let out some steam on here!

      Yes I did!! It's such a great colour :-) xx

  2. I like ciate bon bon . I didn't get any Missguided nail polishes I thought the colours were not that special :)

    1. Its a lovely colour :-) I agree with you..there was nothing very unique about them :-)

  3. No I think you should really complain to them about it! Imagine if it happened to a lot of people but no one bothered to say anything? They should really know that some are faulty. I'm sure they would prefer to fix it than have people turn against them for faulty packaging :)

    1. I've chucked the bottle now...and it's not really me to be stressing other something so minor.. I've ranted about it now and feel better. I don't think It's happened a lot of times, people seem to have gotten on with their bottles. Why would I waste more of my time? lol

  4. I have always wanted to try these polish's, maybe getting it free is the way to go!

    Linzi < we spell our names the same! :D

    1. Yeah...they're alright for free, don't know If I would pay full price. I'm obsessed with nails inc at the moment and I don't even pay full price for them hehe

      Yeah I know!!! I've never known anyone who spell it the same way before!! Exciting :-D