Monday, 2 December 2013

REVIEW - The Body Shop - Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

Hullo Ladies!

For the last year or so I've been suffering with my skin, I went from a teenager who maybe had one spot every 3 -4 months to a twenty year old with a new spot each day. It was horrible, I became so self concious of it. I tried many products over the months and nothing seemed to work. After reading reviews, after reviews, after reviews I finally decided to splurge and buy some Body Shop Skin Care. 

Most of the products I bought were from the Tea Tree line but after reading some positive things about this Seaweed Clay Mask I decided to give it a go. 

I don't know much about face masks but I know that you can get a whole bunch for a whole lot of reasons. 

The Seaweed Ionic Clay mask is for Combination/Oily Skin and helps to Purify, Cleanse and Control excess oil. 

I was slightly worried about the fact that I have dry skin but after reading reviews I heard that other people who have my skin type use it and have no trouble with it and find that it benefited them with their other skin problems.

It's a dark grey/muddy brown colour that dries to a light grey and as it's a clay mask, it cracks easily. So try not to move or laugh too much. Surprisingly this is very hard to do, especially when you really fancy some chocolate so you run down stairs into a kitchen full of relatives that were not expecting you to come down looking like a mud monster. 

I leave it on for about twenty minutes or until it's dried. What I find really cool but some may find disgusting is that you can see little dark wet spots after awhile, which are all the oils, dirt and impurities being dragged out of your skin. It's nice that your can actually see that it's working. 

I absolutely love what this product does for my skin. It feels so cleansed and refreshed afterwards and I really noticed a difference with blackheads and the lifespan of any pimples. 

As soon as I notice a spot now a tiny bit of this goes straight on! 

I find that it reallys helps the spot heal quicker and helps with the scarring. 

I find this easy to apply and have no trouble taking it off :-) 

Price wise it can be expensive without a voucher code or sale of some kind but if your smart it's very hard to not get at least something off your order when you shop with The Body Shop! 

It's well worth the money for me either way though :-) 

This with my other skin care favourites has really helped with my skin! 

I suggest this for people who may be having trouble with excess oil, blackheads, pimples or just want a product that really helps to clean their skin. 

Have you tried this product before? 

Loved it or hated it? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Nice review!!! I love masks that help get rid of pimples and suck out the oil.... I just added this to my list of masks to try �� I want to try the tea tree oil one too... How have you been liking that line?

    1. Thanks!! Hope you like it :-) I love the tea tree range! I'll be reviewing it soon :-) x

  2. I love face masks, especially mud ones, but holy crap that is expensive! I was going to get the boots mud mask but I stopped when I realised it was near enough to €10 for 100ml. Sure a bottle would last no time at all

    1. Like I said though you can always get a good deal on The Body Shop, I bought mine for about £5!! Yeah, skin care can be super expensive, but atleast I found something that works for my skin without having to waste money trying out products all the time :-) Ohh that is expensive especially from a drugstore!!! This tub has lasted me ages mind! I've had it for a few months now and I've barely made a dent. I understand what you mean though, it's horrible when you pay good money for something and use it up in no time. Seems like a waste of money then. Luckily this isn't like that :-) x