Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I Won A Giveaway! + Recent Buys :-)

Hullo beautiful ladies!

So on Jubilee Weekend I received the most exciting email ever from Robyn - Want Buy Blog saying that I'd won the second prize in her Giveaway! How amazing right?  She a lovely girl so go check out her blog it's great! 

Ain't he cute? As a big book worm this is a keeper for me :-) 

She wrote me a lovely little message including some tips on what to do with the products!

Included also was a lovely little black makeup bag that some of the products where in :-) I forgot to take a picture but it's very pretty!

This is what she gave me! 
  • MUA Blusher
  • MUA Nail Polish 
  • ELF Pressed Powder
  • NYC Mascara
  • 17 Concealor
  • Natural Collection Hair Mask
  • Benefit Moisture Prep Sample 
She also threw in some lovely sweeties! YAY :-P

She gave me the Pressed Powder as an extra gift, sadly she's had a lot of stuff to deal with lately, I wasn't worried about it coming late but she was very apologetic love her and left me a note attached to this saying that it was a bit of something extra!  

  I've never tried MUA or ELF before so trying them out shall be very exciting!

I loved the box it all came it, it was lovely and girly with little stars and black ribbons.

So as well as that I also went shopping again today, well really I just went into Superdrug to pick up some paracetamol but I couldn't pass the clearance box without having a look and ended up picking up all these lovely gosh products! 

The two eyeliners at the beginning are from the new InStyle magazine, they're giving you a choice of two Body Shop eyeliners or a mascara. 

So from GOSH I picked up:

Green Eyeliner in Green Boost
Green Eyeliner in Lemongrass
Twin Eyeshadow in TES 03
GOSH On Stage Cool Lip Jam in 102
GOSH On Stage Cool Lip Jam in 106
GOSH On Stage Cool Lip Jam in 101
GOSH Lip Gloss in 0074
GOSH Nail Polish in Snow
GOSH Nail Polish in Rainbow *gave to my mam as an extra Birthday present :-)*
GOSH Effect Power in Purple Rain

All these Gosh products came to just under £10!!!!

 I know... Unbelievable! 

These are all the lovely lip products I picked up, the Lip Jams are amazing they smell like Bubblegum..YUM!

"From Top to Bottom: Lip Gloss in 0074, Lip Jam in 106, Lip Jam in 101 and Lip Jam in 102"

I swatched them for ya ;-) 

Look how gorgeous they are and so pigmented!

I'm off for a nice DIY makeover now to calm myself as I have my first driving lesson tomorrow! I can't believe how nervous I am..can you imagine what it would be like when I have to do the test!! God Almighty! 

Hope you have all had a good day! 

Linzi xxx


  1. Congrats on winning a giveaway! You got some awesome stuff, she sounds really sweet for adding that extra goodie for you too :)
    Also love all the buys ;)

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah It was very lovely of her and she has a great blog :-)

      Thanks hun! I love them :-)

  2. Ah! I'm really glad you got the parcel! I'm always so worried about people not receiving parcels (damn eBay for giving me a complex! Haha!) I hope you like all the products and you get along with them ok :) Lovely GOSH haul, I love looking at the discount section in Boots and Superdrug! I love the look of those lip jams...might have to pop in to my local Superdrug and see if they have them...

    Don't worry about driving, just remember to breathe. Also remember that everyone had to learn at some point so just ignore anyone who seems rude. They're clearly just a big old meany! Good luck on your first lesson :)

    1. Awh thanks hun! Yeah it got to me fine :-) Loved everything :-) The lip Jams are amazing you should definitely have a look see...hehe thanks I'll remember!

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway! You got some great prizes there and some great buys :)