Sunday, 10 June 2012

REVIEW - The Body Shop - Shea Body Butter :-)

Hullo Ladies!

So I fancied writing another Body Butter review today, they're my favourite products to use on dry skin so I have lots and lots of them, I'm also slightly obsessed hehe

Last month I reviewed the Mango Body Shop Body Butter which you can see here

The Shea Body Butter is probably the most moisturizing out of my collection the Mango coming a close second.

 I bought my first two tubs of Shea Butter for just £1 :-0

 It was before and after the Christmas sales because I had spent more than £25 at both times.  Amazing right?

They had a selection of three butters you could choose from, this one, Dreams Unlimited or Candied Ginger and I picked this up each time. As soon as I smelt It I knew I was in love :-) 

This is my second tub and I haven't used a lot of it lately as I've been reaching for the more fruity scented products due to the summer but this is my favourite to wear in winter and when I'm going on a night out and don't want my body products to over power my perfume :-) 

Like I said earlier this product is for very dry skin and boy does it work, I really notice the difference when I use it continuously, The Body Butter are the only products I have tired where I can say that my skin still felt soft and hydrated for some time after my last use. 

"The Body Shop Shea Body Butter and Garnier Shea Body Lotion"

I wanted to test the scent to see if it really was as gorgeous smelling as I thought it was compared to another Shea Body Lotion. I think we have all smelt Shea butter at some point as it's a rather popular scent with body lotions so I tested these against each other to see if they really did smell the same. I put a bit of the garnier on my left hand and the butter on my right. Firstly I noticed that the Garnier had a weak synthetic smell to it and the Butter was much more rich and sweeter smelling, stronger but not over powering. The scent lasted a lot longer on my right hand compared to the left too. 

So I have enough Body Butter to last me awhile now but I really wan't to try the cocoa version that the Body Shop have at some point as I have heard great things.

The Chocomania version I'm hoping to get very soon too, as a chocoholic it sounds amazing to me! 

I'm waiting for another Sale though hehe :-) 

You can buy The Body Shop Body Butters here.

Have you tried this product? Love it or Hate it?

Linzi xxx


  1. I do love the body shops body butters, they really do work!