Sunday, 24 June 2012

REVIEW - I love... Strawberry and Milkshake - Lip Balm

 Hullo Gorgeous Ladies!

So I have had this I love....Strawberry and Milkshake Lip Balm for awhile now and I love it. 

I have the Lemon and Lime one too but this is my favourite :-) 

I quite a popular brand lately as they have great quality products for inexpensive prices. It's just 99p!! 

The best thing about this.....It smells amazing!!!

It has a true strawberry milkshake know...the good stuff! Hehe 

It's very creamy on the lips without being waxy.

You get 15g of product which is huge for a lip balm. 

Also If your like me and are always losing your lip balms somehow, for the price of this one your not going to be cut up about it. 

Another great thing, It's fairly pigmented for a lip balm. 

Sometimes If I want a nude lip without bothering with a lipstick this is what I put on, It really lightens my lips without any hassle. 

You can buy the I Love...range at Superdrug :-) 

Linzi xxx


  1. This looks lovely :). I'm really into lip balms at the moment so I might have to try this out! xXx

    1. For the price hun it's a lovely lip balm! I'm loving the scent :-) xxx

  2. I tried the coconut one love it :) Will try this one when the coconut runs out :)

    1. Ohhhh I haven't tried the coconut! Will have to take a look :-)

  3. Ohh this sounds divine. I love nice scented lip balm. It looks nice on too, might have to pop into superdrug soon :)

  4. ooh pretty=] you always have so many brands that I've never heard of!