Saturday, 9 June 2012

Superdrug and Tk Maxx Haul :-)

Hullo Lovely Ladies! 

It's my Mams Birthday Monday so me and my Dad took her shopping today for her presents, she picked out a lovely Denim Jacket and a new handbag, I also bought her a new perfume as shes running out sadly I forgot to photograph it, It's a Britney I know she likes. 

Of course I couldn't walk into Tk maxx without picking something up! :-0

My Dad picked me up these, he knows that they are my favourite sweets and all though you take the chance of eating a liquorice flavoured bean, it's worth it! :-) 

These cost £3.59 

I picked up some more Nails Inc because as you know they're my latest addiction ;-) 

Sadly my Lucky Dip hasn't arrived yet which I'm a bit angry about, it's been over a week now! 

"Marble Arch, Reeves Mews, Park Walk, West Hampstead, Carlton Gardens, Keats Grove and Oakley Street"

I'm in love with this set, at first when I spotted them weeks ago, I wasn't fussed but seeing them on a few blog posts I really fancied some of the colours :-)  I can't wait to try Marble Arch, Reeves Mews and West Hampstead! 

I recently ran out of make up wipes so we stopped in superdrug and I picked up the Superdrug own facial cleansing wipes with Camomile, they are just 99p which I thought was a bargain! I've tried them already and I really like them so far :-) 

Next I picked up another Barry M *Tut Tut* In Red Black which is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel's Rouge Noir. 

Then when paying I spotted a clearance box full of make up, I picked up this miss sporty nail polish. Sadly I can't find the name but its a very pretty sheer blue.

Then I picked up this Rimmel London Eye Shadow duo in Walnut Pearls.

Whilst looking the sales lady told me that they where also on "3 for 2" 

I know what your thinking..."Oh My Goodness, This can't get better!"

Well yes it can! 

Yes that's right in the clearance box I found this Lancome Juicy Tube in cerise, I asked them twice if they where sure that this was included in the clearance sale and they said yes! When she tried scanning it, it wouldn't go through. She said that it must have come free with a product and did I still want it! My answer.....YES! 

So I got a free Lancome Juicy Tube.

Obviously this was probably a one off but I would definitely check your local Superdrug if I was you, never know what you may find! :-)  

Hope your all having a great weekend! 

Linzi xxx


  1. Awesome about the Lancome!! I love it when stuff like that happens! Heheh I wish I could justify buying one of those nails inc sets :( no job booo

    1. I know! I justify it by having no social life hehe I'm looking for a job too hun..It's hard right now though! :-(

  2. Ahh, nice find with the Juicy Tube! I went to my local Superdrug and found out my favourite shampoo was being discontinued, but it was 35p a bottle (!!!). They were selling the whole of the Scandalous range for £1 or less - it used to be part of the James Brown group but I'm guessing it must've slipped out and away over the last couple of years. Sad but I can't complain about cheap hair products!

    1. It's heartbreaking when a product you love gets discontinued but a cheap price certainly softens the blow :-)

  3. Wow! Free Lancome Juicy Tube... woohoo! I have one in Toffee and it is divine! Mine wasn't free though :( lol. I've never tried Red Black, looks gorgeous! And I used to be exactly the same with liquorice Jelly Beans, however now for me it's the Coconut (?) ones which taste like Baby Powder to me... lol! I just hate them! Luckily you can tell from the colour though. What a lush haul!! xxx

    1. I know I was so excited to get home to try it and I love it already.. tastes and smells of Watermelon!
      I like the coconut but the popcorn is my favourite hehe thanks hun! xxx

  4. I saw that Nails Inc collection but I didn't pick it up. Pretty colours though.

    1. Its a great set, takes you through all the seasons! :-)

  5. I adore them jelly beans they taste sooo nice. The nails inc set looks cool, I really am going to have to pop into my local TK Maxx soon.

    My lucky dip set came in the post this morning, I was soooo excited! I've already swatched them all :)

  6. They're lush aren't they! I always pick them up if I can hehe you really should they are such great deals :-)

    Uchh I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see the swatches hun nice to know you were happy with what you got :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to your mum!
    You have an award on my blog.

  8. I love that nail set! All of the colors are totally different, I love sets like that. Wow, free juicy tube, that's awesome.
    I use to have one with iridescent sparkles that shifted from blue to pink and purple about 5 years ago. I lost it and I have no clue what it was called or if they still make it. If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. I think it was blue or clear.

    1. I love it too :-) It has really lovely colours, I'm wearing Park Walk now and it's amazing :-)

      I know I was so lucky!

      Ohh I don't know much about them hun sorry so I can't help :-( they are really nice though :-)

      Thanks for the follow :-)