Friday, 15 June 2012

The Body Shop Secret Sale Haul

Hullo Lovely ladies!!

Earlier in the week I posted about The Body Shop's secret sale which they do every so often.

So as soon as I had a chance I placed an order online and I managed to pick up some lovely things to show you :-) 

My lovely bag of goodies!!

I also found out the my Love Your Body 10% discount still worked on the sale items which is amazing!

I can't wait to try them all out and do some reviews :-) 

"Ginger Anti-Dandruff Shampoo"

I have heard many things about this product so I can't wait to see if it works. 

£6 for 400ml

"Fuzzy Peach Bath and Shower Gel"

Was £4...down to £2 but with my LYB membership I bought it for £1.80

"Raspberry Ripple Bath and Shower Gel"

Was £4...down to £2 but with my LYB membership I bought it for £1.80

"Satsuma Body Mist"


I love it already! Can't wait to try some of the others I have a feeling I'm going to want them all just like the Body Butters! 

"Candied Ginger Body Scrub"

I bought this for Christmas last year and fell in love with the range, they smell so good!

 Ginger has always been one of my favourite scents as I like the mix of sweet and spicy scents :-) 

As soon as I opened this tub all the memories of christmas came back to me which was strange when we are in the middle of June but who cares because....... It was originally £12.50  but was just £3 in the sale!! Yay! 

"Limited Edition White Musk Sun Glow Eau De Toilette 60ml"

Was £15 down to £7.50 but with LYB I bought it for £6.75

"Smokey Eyes Palette in Silver Black"

Was £14...bought it for £4.50

 All of them are powder shadows except the silver colour which has a mousse texture to it! You also receive a mini brush and mini eyeliner in black, I already have the same full size eyeliner which I picked up in the latest InStyle magazine...but you can never have too many of them! 

So all these products together should have cost me just over £30 even after the sale but searching the interweb I found a voucher that gives you £10 off a £30 spend!! 

So I ended up paying only £20 :-)

 This is why I love The Body Shop....Great quality and they nearly always have discounts going on! 

Did you get anything form the sale? 

Linzi xxx

P.S Here is the voucher code I have found :-)


  1. Wow you've got some fab bargains there!

    1. I think so too hun :-) I can't wait to try them all!

  2. omg, I'm gonna register with them this is awesome! I just became a fan of body butters, and I'm pretty excited to hear what you have to say about the rest of this stuff=]

    1. Most of their seasonal body butters are less than half price right now hun! Remember to use NEW30 for the £10 off too :-)

      I love the body butters too, I have 10 different ones at the moment hehe that why I didn't get any!

  3. The Ginger body butter sounds good!! I'm going to check my outlet soon and see if they have any left

    1. It's one of my faves hun for winter :-) I love the smell so much hehe