Monday, 11 June 2012

My Nails Inc Lucky Dip + GOSH Nail Polish Haul :-)

So this morning whilst giving my mam her Birthday presents the post man came with this lovely box of goodies! 

It's my Nails Inc Lucky Dip that I feel like I have been waiting ages for! 

From L-R Chelsea, Paddington, Culross Street, Old Park Lane, Westminster and New Burlington Place"

The only one I don't really love is Paddington but for 6 polishes for £15 you can't go wrong :-) I can't wait for the next one!

"From L- R Rainbow, Vanilla Ice, Pearl and Base1- French Manicure"

So this afternoon, me and my mam went out for a meal in town and I stopped in Superdrug to pick up some nail polish remover and guess what else I found in their Clearance box!

Yes that's right GOSH makeup, most of these nail polishes have been discontinued I think, as I haven't seen them on the actual GOSH stand in awhile.

I actually found the polish Rainbow, which I have heard a lot about online and seems to be craved by a lot of people, I can understand why, it's beautiful! 

The best thing of all....I picked them up for just 99p each!!! 

I know....I can hear your gasps from here :-) amazing right?

So the clearence box in Superdrug is now officially worth looking at :-) I hope they keep it around for some time!

Hope you have all had a great day! 

Linzi xx


  1. Oh wow great haul! Love the lucky dip idea :)
    And I love that rainbow one! LUSTING :D

    1. Thanks hun! Yeah it's great that they do it :-)

      It's amazing! I'm wearing it now and love it hehe xx

  2. OMG Linzi you are a bargain hunter!!!!!! Nice finds! Maybe I will do a little sweepette of the box tomorrow on my way to the library to do some job apps! Also I think I may have missed what the lucky dip thing was about? Do tell!

    1. LOL I really am, I've been finding loads lately! It's worth it hun, I hope you find something nice!

      Every so often for around about £15 you receive 6 polishes from Nails Inc, the catch is that you don't know what your going to get.

      I did post about it hun when it was happening, sorry you missed it. They seem to do it every few months mind so "like" their facebook page or something so you have news when it comes around again. :-)

    2. Dang!! Yeah must have missed it :( can't wait to see what the rainbow looks like!

  3. Haha how funny that we both got the exact same polishes :) Paddington is my least favourite too, I'll probably use it for nail art though :)

    1. I've been on their facebook page these last couple of days and it seems like a lot have people have had the same hun :-)

      Yeah I think i will have to use it the same way somehow! Either that or find someone who loves it hehe

  4. I need to get myself to superdrug, those gosh nail varnishes are pretty :D
    Yay my nails inc polishes turned up today too! The only one I got the same was old park lane :)

    1. You really should..they're such great deals!

      Ohh I can't wait to see what you got :-) Old park lane is a lovely colour :-)

  5. I got almost the same as you! I also don't like Paddington, and I had it already as well! Noooo so now I have two! ha ha. I also had New Burlington Place but it's so beautiful on so I don't mind :)

    Looking forward to swatches of the Gosh polishes!

    Claire x

  6. Ohh no not two of them!!

    hehe it is a rather awful polish, I'm sure I'll find someone who likes it and can give it a loving home :-)

    New Burlington Place is probably my favourite out of the lot, it's such an interesting and gorgeous colour :-)

    I'll make sure to do some soon! x