Wednesday, 27 June 2012

GOSH Cool Lip Jams - Swatches and Reviews :-)

As you may know a few weeks ago I found loads of GOSH products in the clearance box in my local Superdrug, everything GOSH was just 99p  :-) 

Here are the Cool Lip Jams, the packaging is lovely and very simple.

They're 15 ml which is amazing for a lip gloss. 

Here are the swatches :-) 

Lip Jam In 101

                                                Clear base with a gorgeous blue iridescence.

You can just about see the shimmers in the picture.

Lip Jam in 106

A lovely sheer pink.

Nice on the lips, one I would wear alone or over a lipstick. 

Lip Jam in 102

An opaque nude/peach colour.

Looks great over a nude lipstick.

These can be slightly gloppy if you apply then with a heavy hand.

They have a sticky texture which some people don't like but because of this I find them quite long lasting. 

Like the name suggests they have a cooling feel to them, I wouldn't say they have a lot of tingle but the do feel fresh on the lips. 

They have a lovely bubblegum scent which I really like.

Sadly I think these have been discounted in the UK as I've never seen them before on the GOSH stand in my local Superdrug :-( but you may be lucky and find them in your Superdrug's clearance box  :-) 

I would say they where a great find for just 99p each but I might have been less happy with them If I had paid the usual £5-£6 for a GOSH lip product. 


  1. I own the peachy one and also got it from a clearance bin of Gosh products but at my Drugstore in Canada:)

    1. Ohhh that;s great!!! I love a good bargain :-)

  2. I saw the first one and thought "Blue!??!" But it actually looks great! I love all of them and I'm so jealous :P haha! I agree that some stickiness can help them last longer! :)

    1. Hehe I know, I remember thinking "am I really gonna wear this" when I picked it up but for the price I though I could always give it away to someone who could heheh I was a lovely surprise! xx

  3. I'm in love with the first one, it's gorgeous! Looking at it in the packaging I wasn't too sure but on your lips it looks amazing :)

    1. It's a bit scary looking in the packaging lol I love it though :-)

  4. Love love love the peachy colour! x


  5. I don't have anything gosh, but I would have to say the nude/peach is my favorite. I'm really getting into more nude and peach lip colors lately..normally it's pink and red only.