Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Haul (Includes - Leighton Denny, Bourjois and more)

Hey Lovely Ladies!

So...I have been a naughty girl and gone shopping again :-( 

This lot is from over the weekend and the last two days though! So that makes me feel better hehe

So the first lovely products that I picked up on Saturday was this Leighton Denny Set.

I have been waiting to try Leighton Denny for ages and earlier in the month I picked up a couple of his nail polishes in a magazine but I'm forever hearing about his nail care products. 

So I found this gorgeous set in Tk Maxx and it includes:

Leighton Denny 4 side nail file/buff
Best Defense Nail and Hand Cream
Leighton Denny Essential Remover
12ml Slick Tips Nail and Cuticle Oil
12ml Nail Colour in Starkers
Leighton Denny Nail White Pencil

and the best part..........

It was on clearance for just £13!!!!

How amazing is that?
 I snatched it up as soon as I could hehe

I can't wait to do a review on this set, I have tried some of the things already and I'm loving them :-) 

On the same day I also picked up another Nails Inc Set. I think this is the last one I'll be picking up for awhile. 
I've got so many now and I don't want it to become excessive!

"For £14.99 I got Hanover Square,  Ganton Street, Motcomb Street and Orchard Street"

I might do a Nails Inc Collection post...what do you think? 

So today my Nan took me out shopping and I noticed that the local outlet had a new shop....POUNDLAND!

I have heard so much about this store, my Nan must have thought it peculiar when I nearly sprinted from the car to get there!

I raced towards their beauty section and found these babies. Only yesterday I left a comment on another bloggers post uset about the fact that I have never found these in the UK! What a coinsedence!

"From L-R Daddy's Girl, 24/7, Tapping Nails and See You Soon"

Sinful Colors seems to be a popular nail polish brand and I managed to buy some that I have heard quite a lot about including the gorgeous 24/7

As soon as I picked up Tapping Nails I knew that it would look amazing on the toes...and I was right. I put it on as soon as I came home, my Barry M Fuchsia was looking quite horrible *It's been on for nearly three weeks :-O* It looks so pretty! It's a very unusual colour that just sparkles in the sun light :-) 

So after Poundland I stopped in Tk Maxx *again* and found these Essie duo's, You got one nail colour and one treatment for £7.99, I choose the colour Cocktail Bliss and the Ridge Filling Base Coat. 

Thankfully the name on the nail polish Is right this time, I Googled it as soon as I came home :-) 

Also in Tk Maxx I found this Bourjois Little Round Pot Eye Shadow Collection. 

They had a brown set too but I though I would use these shades a lot more often.

"From L - R Gris Delicat, Blanc Diaphane and Argent"

They're £9.99 for the whole set, which is a bargain, as they are  from £6.49 - £6.99 each in Boot's. I thought at first that they may be mini versions but nope...they're all full size.

I can't wait to try some new looks with these!

So I have been looking for some new sandles to show off my painted toes nails for the last few weeks but haven't found any I'm in love with, until I saw these babies in the Miss Selfridges Sale. They were originally £22 but were down to just £10! I love them!

They'll look lovely with the Sinful Color polish I have on me toes!!

Also I stopped in Boots to pick up some Palmers Coca Butter Body Lotion after trying a sample but I actually walked out empty handed ten minutes later after being followed around by a security guard the whole time I was in there....I felt like shouting "I'm not a thief!" 

I hate it when that happens, I know that sadly a lot of people steal things but I'm the person who gets pissed off that I can't try the tester because someones taking it off the shelf!

 I only ever have trouble with the security guards at Boots though...I have heard about it from other people too.
 My 65 year old Nan was with me for cryng out loud, did they think she was the distraction while I stole the loot! Bahhahah 

Hope you have all had a great day!

Linzi xxx


  1. Omg how lucky... those pots cost us $20 each in Australia :(
    Love everything else you got too! :D

    1. Ouch....That's horrible :-(

      Awhh thanks hun!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hun....my bank account isn't too happy though hehe xx

  3. Fabulous haul! I've found sinful colours in my local pound land a couple of times, it always makes me squeal with excitement when I see them in there :) lol

    1. Thanks hun! I was so happy when I found them :-) hehe

  4. Wow cool haul! That Leighton Denny set is such a bargain! Really been loving his products recently :) x


    1. I know, I was so excited when I found it :-) Me too, they're great quality. I really want to try his crystal nail file at some point :-) x

  5. Love the Leighton Denny and Nails Inc sets!!

    I love TK Maxx!

    I'm following you, hope you can follow me back? I'd be really grateful.

    Laura xx


    1. I love it too!

      Thanks for the follow :-) I've followed back!


  6. I need that Leighton Denny set in my life! £13 is amazing!

    I've just tagged you in the Liebster Award!

    Mollie xo

    1. It was an amazing price for what I got :-)

      Awhh thanks hun! xx

  7. Great haul, they are lovely nail colours :)

    Tanesha x

  8. Wow, jealous of all your purchases! I am obsessed with the make-up section of Pound World too haha, got a few Sinful Colors bargains! :)


    1. It was my first time there and I loved it, I can understand why your obsessed hehe Thanks for the follow by the way, I've followed back :-) xx

  9. :O So jealous that my poundland doesn't stock Sinful Colors! Lovely haul!! xx

    1. I was so surprised! Hopefully they will at some point hun! xx

  10. sweet haul!!

    that sucks about security guards. I don't have a problem around here much, except we do have one store that has a robot on a loop that plays between a couple songs that reminds everyone that we are all on camera. also there are signs by the dressing rooms saying that as well, and I have since stopped trying things on in there because I can't get that out of my head, and I'm pretty sure I'm just naked on camera somewhere because of it..