Sunday, 10 June 2012

NOTD - Nail's Inc - Reeves Mews

Hullo Lovely Ladies!!

This is the nail polish that I've been wearing all day, its from Nails Inc and it's called Reeves Mews.

This is one of the nail polishes that came in the 7 piece set that I bought from Tk Maxx. It is also available at QVC in their Bright Lights collection which you can find here.

It's a lovely teal colour but seems to hav a hint of neon to it, it's that bright :-) 

Sadly the pictures are not picking up it's true colour, it's a lot more brighter in real life :-) 

Like many Nails Inc polishes this is extremely pigmented and was just two coats. 

The only bad thing about this polish is that it stains quicte badly so remember to wear a basecoat underneath :-) 

This is probably one of my favourite Nails Inc polishes so far :-) 

What's your favourite? 

Linzi xxx


  1. Ooh this one's pretty!!! Although it's a shame it stains :( but my nails are totally stained from the Barry M Chameleon polishes anyway now so I can live with stainage ;) I love this xxx

    1. I love it too hun, it's such a lush colour :-) I wouldn't have thought that the new Barry M's would stain :-0 I hate it when that happens, I'm going to start using my basecoats religiously now hehe xxx

  2. Pretty shade. Is it from the set you bought from Tk Maxx?

    1. Yes it is! The 7 piece one I bought on Saturday :-)

  3. Oh it's really pretty :) I do love nails inc!

  4. this color is AMAZING - I've never seen a color like that!