Monday, 4 June 2012

REVIEW - Models Own- Smokey Eye Kit - Seduce

Hullo Beautiful Ladies! 

I'm doing a review on one of my favourite Drugstore eye shadow trios and it's from Models Own. 

First of all I find these eye shadows to be fairly pigmented and with an eye shadow primer they have great longevity. 

I believe the concept behind this is to make it easier for people to creat great smokey eyes :-) which is great as a smokey eye can be quite frighten for some people to do as it's easy to get wrong! 

I recently bought one for my mother as she freely admits she's clueless when it comes to make up. Usually I'm there to do it for her but for the times when I'm not this set comes in very handy! 

The first colour is a lovely gold that reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's Half Baked but not as fine. 

At first glance I thought the second colour on the top row was a deep chocolate brown but in fact its more of a mauve with lots of red and purple glitter running through it.

. The last shadow that's on the bottom row is a black with silver glitter. 

This pictures shows just one light swipe of each shadow.

From L-R: First two swatches are of the first row and the last swatch is of the bottom shadow :-) 

Hope that makes sense! 

Models Own Smokey Eye Kit in Seduce.

I notice a fair bit of fall out when using this set so make sure you're prepared for that, maybe keep a make up wipe on hand! :-) 

I bought this in Boot's and they had a deal going, buy two products for £10 so I bought this and a mascara but on there own the trio's are £8 each. Obviously you will be saving money if you waited for a good deal, which boots frequently give. 

At the moment they have an offer on their website, if you buy two Models Own products you receive a free gift! 

Hope you're all well! 

Thanks, Linzi xxx


  1. This looks like a nice little trio, I forget that models own do other things apart from their amazing nail polish!

    1. Its shocking but I've never actually tried a Models Own Nail Polish! :-0

      Might have to check out one of their sets online :-)

  2. Great post hun! I'm loving those colours too! I wish it was easier to get Models Own here in Australia, but I think they ship overseas so I may have to give this a go when my No Spend June is over :P
    Thank for sharing!! :)

    1. Thanks! Hope you try it at some point, I'm really loving it :-) xx

  3. I do love Models own for their make up and polish, always fab quality :)

    1. Me too hun! I love their mascara's at the moment!:-)