Saturday, 2 June 2012

REVIEW - N-SPA Coconut Ice Cream Shower and Bath Gel

Hey Hunnies! 

So for the last couple of days I have been trying out this N-SPA shower and Bath Gel.

First thing first is the smell, I love it but... Is it a Coconut scent...No, not at all. 
Does it smell of Ice Cream...Ohh yes!!

It smells of really sweet Mr Whipy Ice Cream. If your not a fan of sweet scents then this isn't for you! Luckily for me..I am! 

The lather is okay, I like to use a Bath Lilly in the shower or run it under your tap in the bath. 

I wouldn't say the scent lasts a long time on your skin after your bath/shower but for me thats great as I would say that the scent could get boring quite fast. 

I love N-SPA as they're inexpensive and great smelling, also I find the packaging really great. 

It says on the bottle:
"I am told, said the wise man, that the sweet water inside the coconut is created by a sea it's beautiful scent touches your nose, her soft music and laughter surrounds you. Take her hand and follow her...I am told she makes dreams come true." 

How cute is that? :-) 

The best thing about these products is the prices! Especially as now they're on sale :-) 

On sale I bought this for just £1.50 and its a 500ml bottle which means it's going to last me for ages! 
At full price it's around the £2-£3 mark! 

Have you tried N-SPA before? Have a favourite product? 

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Thanks, LInzi xxx


  1. Ohh I love coconut scented things. It's a shame it doesn't actually smell like coconut but ice cream is still a nice scent too!

    1. I love it too and when I really was a coconut scent then I tend to go for The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream but for something sweet and inexpensive this is a great find! :-)