Monday, 29 April 2013

This Month's Favourite Reads : April 2013

Hullo Lovely Ladies, 

This month I found many amazing novels.

These are six that have really stood out for me. 

I've heard a lot about this novel for a long time now but the synopsis has always put me off. A thirty year old  woman on a deserted island with a sixteen year old boy and a big suggestion of romance? Sounds a bit creepy doesn't it. Well after reading 5 star reviews after 5 star reviews I finally gave in and I'm so glad I did. I want to just tell you now that I found nothing creepy or perverted about this love story. It's one of the most beautiful romance's I've read and I was thinking about it a long time after I'd finished it. 

I found this novel through a blog and I enjoyed it so much. It's very different from my usual reads. It's a story of a second generation slave surrounded by mobsters and their families. At the beginning of the book we see her "saved" by a mafia doctor and shes taken to his family home and there begins the romance between her and one of the doctors sons. A lot of twists and turns to keep you excited all the way through 500+ pages. 

This was another story I didn't think I'd like but again an author proved me wrong. Dublin girl Freda Wilson has a lovely surprise when her new next door neighbour starts to flirt with her. Usually it's her best friend that gets the bloke's attention but Freda is in for an even bigger surprise when she see's her new next door neighbour up on stage at a local club....and is that makeup he's wearing?! I absolutely adored this book and I fell for Nicholas just as much as Freda did...which surprised the hell out of me. You know you've found an amazing author when she can make you fall for a man who walks in heels better than you can. Don't worry though ladies we're told that this Hero looks just as good in a pair of jeans as he does in a corset and stockings ;-) 

I had this book on my kindle for awhile now but I was distracted by other novels. I finally sat down to read it after hearing some of my favourite bloggers talk about it. It's a great road trip story with a stunning romance. It's a weepy one so keep some tissues close. It takes a few chapters before the story really starts but stay with it and you'll be in for a lovely surprise. 

This was released just a few days ago and after reading Abbi Glines' other series I knew I needed to read this one. I have to say this is my favourite from her so far. I'm a sucker for stories with emotionally scarred characters. This is in a series so I'll be waiting awhile to read more about Della and Wood's. A great love story so far with a lot of angst. Which seems to be something I love in novels :-) 

I've waited years to read this novel. I knew going in that It would make me cry like a baby. It was so worth it though and I continued to think of the characters a long time after I'd finished the last page. This is the story about Hannah and the thirteen reasons why she committed suicide. It's beautifully written and keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through and you'll feel like the author has ripped your heart from your chest....but in a good way.  Keep those tissues close :-) 

A quick side note : Most if not all of these novels contain sexual scenes and some even violence so I suggest them for a more mature audience
Those are some of the novels I've loved and adored in the last month. What were yours? 

Linzi xxx

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