Monday, 8 April 2013

REVIEW - Rimmel - Match Perfection Foundation

Hulo Ladies!

Today I'll be reviewing the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation that I purchased 6-8 weeks ago. It's been in two of my monthly favourite's post's and it's almost empty already!

I bought this because I was so happy with the swatch in store, it was the first foundation I'd swatched for months that actually looks close to my natural skin colour. 

The shade I bought was Light Porcelain.

Application : After trying various ways on how to apply it in the last few weeks I find that I prefer to either use a dense foundation brush or my fingers. I find it very blendable and easy to apply. I also love that it doesn't cling to much to my dry patches

Coverage : Sheer to mediumI find that the coverage all depends on how I apply it, if I'm using my dense foundation brush then I get a nice medium coverage but If I apply with my fingers I get a nice sheer coverage. It covers redness very well although I like to use a concealer for covering those pesky blemishes! 

Finish: Match perfection is enhanced with 'Sapphire Radiance' for a illuminating glow. This means that it gives a lovely dewy finish. I find this great for my skin type but may not be to everyones taste.

Lasting Power: I find it lasts around 5 - 6 hours on my skin, great for days when you're just popping out to the shops and doing daily tasks. I find if I'm going somewhere special and i'm out all day or night then I'd want something with slightly more lasting power. 

Packaging: I really like the packaging and find that the pump helps to make applying the foundation a lot easier and travel friendly. The packaging can get dirty over time but as it's a glass bottle then it's very easy to clean. I love the blue cap and writing, making it very eye catching in store but not too crass. 

Overall Rating : I give the foundation a 4 out of 5 ! It's a great foundation for Spring/Summer due to it's dewy finish and sheer - medium coverage. The price is also great which means I have no worries about re-purchasing it. 

I really enjoyed using this product and although I'm going to be trying out some other foundations in the next few months, I now have a foundation I can lean back on again and again. 

You can buy this foundation in Boot's and Superdrug Instore and Online.

Have you tried this foundation? 

Love it or Hate it?

Linzi xxx


  1. It looks a great match, I can never find a matching foundation as I'm so pale. Everything always has a twinge of orange on me

    1. I've always had that problem too, I'm also super pale! I suggest trying this one out :-) Thanks for the comment! xx

  2. I reviewed this one in a few different colours and found it to be really lovely! I do agree that it gives different coverage depending on how you apply it! And I absolutely love how beautiful it makes my skin look!
    (Also that they're making colours light enough for us pale peoples!)

    1. I remember reading your review, your reviewed it the day I bought it so I was really happy that you liked it so much! I love how it makes my skin look too! I know...they need to do it for their other foundations now too. I still can't find a Wake Me Up foundation light enough yet! xxx

  3. Hmmm rimmel foundations still tend to be too dark for me.. xxx

    1. Have you tried this one hun? The Light Porcelain? Rimmel foundations always used to be too dark for my skin tone most of them still are but this one really is a very pale shade! xxx